Looking for a part time and a full time maid - Jakarta

Hi All,

I am looking for one part time and one full time maid.
Part time maid: will come every day and sweep the house and do dusting.
Full time maid: will practically look after every thing in the house. She will start the day with making of breakfast/lunch for kids school, cleaning the kitchen once they are gone, making the beds of the rooms, openings windows/curtons etc, washing clothes in a washing machine, ironing of clothes, serving the food on the table, cleaning the table afterwards, preparing kids uniform for school next day, cleaning their bags once they are back from school etc.
I want some one who is active and willing to do work and preferrably speaks some or little english as my kids don't understand bahasa.
I have 2 boys, 7 & 4 yrs respectively.

Perhaps I could invite you to place a job advert in 'jobs' at the top of this page.
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Yes, pls do.

Hello Komal Jawad :cheers:

As Fred suggested above, we invite you to create your advert in the most appropriate section of the site :

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Hi sir, do you already found someone for work at your home ?


Hi, thanks.

You are looking for a housemaid again now mdm?

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Hi Mr/Mrs Neez

im need this job
i can do everything , if you want
i ready to interview

this my phone number :

1.  xxx
2. xxx

Thank you


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Hi everyone,

Please note that job adverts should be placed under the Job's section.

Thank you


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