Job for Physiotherapist

Im a Physiotherapist from Kerala India. How can I get a job as the same in Singapore ? Is there any bridge course or license test? What will be the average salery to a physio from their hospitals in Singapore ?? Pls reply me ..
Thank you

First you need to check with the relevant Singapore medical authorities whether your degree and license are recognised in Singapore, or if you need to take additional courses.
Then you can apply for suitable jobs at Singapore hospitals, clinics and private practises.
Regarding pay, you can check the various Singapore salary surveys, which are regularly published by some headhunters and consultancies. I have posted a list of them on the forum a while ago, which you can find using the search function.

Thank you very much  :)

There is no physiotherapy qualification from India which is recognised under the FIRST SCHEDULE, Regulation 4(1) and (2), PART II, (LIST OF RECOGNISED QUALIFICATIONS  IN PHYSIOTHERAPY) in Singapore for you to work as an Allied Health Professional here.

So I can't work as a Physiotherapist in Singapore... right??

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