Required Documents for Filipina to get married in Belgium


My name is Sandy from Philippines, my boyfriend is a Belgian and we are thinking to get married in Belgium early next year and settle down there as well. I have only some questions with the required documents and I hope someone could help me please :)

as i know documents coming from Ph shall be attested first in Philippines, is there anyone know exactly to where is the easiest to attest such documents?  and when it comes in finding a job, after getting married I am already allowed to work? or shall I go integration first like learning Dutch?

I would really appreciate to find someone here who have encountered same as mine and would be friendly to share some info.

thank you in advance!


Hi there!
You can message me sis so that I can help you with regards to your queries. I'm a fiancé visa applicant. I'll tell you po.

Hi Sandy,
Hope you are well.

I can't really say much about  the documents required as I had a different visa to enter Belgium. In connection with  your Job query, based on my experience, there was no need for me to join some integration classes, My guess is it really depends on the which part of Belgium will you be. I'm from the Wallonia side. After you got married and be issued with an F-card/ Identity card, you can immediately start looking for a job. 



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what sort of help do you need?  please be more specific so you can get more responses.

Thanks :)

Hi Jien,

So as long as I dont have this F-card I cannot start working, ? Is this a requirement even for a part time jobs?



I have A question, i want to get married with my Filipna girlfriend, now she is here already in Belgium and works in the Netherlands, but that only for a one year Contract as Aupair.

But we wanna get settled.

For all the process of papers to get done can we also do that in Belgium only via the Philippine Embassy? Or do she need to go Fly back to the Philippines.

Bring Originals (Please arrange the copies according to the order below)
1.)  Report of Marriage Form Click here to download form


b.  Entries must be at the time of marriage

2.) Authenticated Marriage Contract/ Certificate … ullet1.png);">
For Marriage Certificates not in English language, kindly submit an English translation of the BC.
3.)  Marriage License or Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

4.)  Birth Certificate of Both Parties

a. For Filipino Citizens: Authenticated birth certificate issued by the NSO

b. For Foreign Nationals: Birth Certificate from origin of birth

5.)  Passports of both parties used at the time of marriage

6.)  Four (4) recent passport size photos of both parties

This is all what need to be done.


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Hello everyone,

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Hi Jien,

May I know what type of visa did you apply before?

Thank you.

Quennie D wrote:

Hi Jien,

May I know what type of visa did you apply before?

Thank you.

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Hi. I don't know if this group is still active or not. I'm just here to ask something. I am working in Finland but I am from the Philippines and my boyfriend is Belgian. And we are planning to get married in Belgium. What are the requirements for me and him if we wanna get married in Belgium? And is it possible to continue working in Finland after we get married or we need to stay in Belgium after that. It would be a great help for us if we can get any reply from here.

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Hi Emily,

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I recommend that you start your own thread on the Belgium forum so that active members may reach out.

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You can get married without requesting to have a resident permit in Belgium (family reunion after the wedding)

Basically you'll need the same documents as for a visa in order to get married from the Philippines:

https://philippines.diplomatie.belgium. … visa_c.pdf

Basically your passport, birth certificate and your certificate of non-appearance in the National Indices of Marriage.

I highly doubt they'll ask for a medical certificate or your criminal record as you're living in EU.