What job would I go for

Hi everyone ,
I have posted on here before about trying to find work in Bahrain , after speaking to a lot of people I have learned it's not what you know but who know in Bahrain to get the right job .
Unfortunately the 1 contact I had out there I am struggling to get hold of , my wife and myself along with my 2 children are quite keen on trying to give life in Bahrain a go , but I'm not sure what job I should be going for ?
I am a qualified plumber and gas enigineer and have had a company with employees for the last 8 years , I also have a renovations company also with employees ,
I am both on the tools and project manager
We build extensions , loft conventions etc .

Any advice would be great .




Its a very dull job market out there, we are hoping things get back on track. I hope you have registered with various job portals and also I would recommend you to use LinkedIn to connect with people and then ask around for opportunities.


Ok great thanks for the advice

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