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what is the worst case scenario on purchasing a ticket one way? Is it more expensive to get a flight back to Toronto? Just planning on staying 5 days.
is it difficulty to fly out of Dominican republic?

Yes it is more expensive! Buy a return ticket.

If you are only going to be here for 5 days why not buy a round trip ticket.

Also many airlines will not let you board your flight to the DR unless you have a return  ticket if you are not a resident or citizen of the DR

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I have traveled to DR from Montreal on a one way ticket (twice) and never had a problem. It is more expensive and I only would recommend that option if you are not sure of your return date. The cost goes up significantly the closer you get to your departure date. The further ahead you can book your ticket, the more you will save.

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Good Day Everyone,

I am planning on return next month August 2019, this time I am flying on American
Airlines from Dallas-Charlotte-Santo Domingo.

Having said that, I am on a one-way ticket. Does anyone know if there will b issue with them ? I never been on a  " o/w  ticket "  with American Airlines.

I was in the DR back in April-May, at the time I flew on Spirit Airlines on a one-way ticket never was an issue with them.

I did not have an issue flying on one way tickets with Air Canada from Vancouver to Punta Cana. Yes it is more expensive this way.

Thanks for your reply, Louis here from the Dallas, Texas area.  I did'nt get a chance to go there to Punta
Cana. How far is it from Santo Domingo ? I did go to Puerto Plata from Santo Domingo it was a 3 1/2
to 4 hour bus ride.  Enjoyed the scenic view.

I have found buying 2 one ways can be cheaper....
never see it as more costly

however. - here's this re AA
American Airlines has expanded its network footprint in the Dominican Republic, launching two new weekly connections to Santo Domingo from its hubs at Dallas/Fort Worth and Charlotte Douglas in the US.

As a result, the OneWorld carrier will double its direct flights to Santo Domingo Las Américas International Airport from two destinations to four.

The new routes started on 8 June and both will be flown on a weekly basis.

The issue ALWAYS is: if you do not have residency or a residency application visa then any airline can force you to buy a last minute return flight or refuse  you boarding.

Take your chances.  This has been discussed to death!

It depends on the airline.

I’ll buy a round trip ticket to be safe.

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