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Hello, I need a help please, I've been here in SG for almost 1month and up until now I'm still waiting for my online application. I need to find job before August 23.

Hi Ching07, and welcome on board,

what kind of job are you looking for ?

Have you already posted in our jobs in Singapore section ?

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Hello, thank you very much for your time. I am a licensed English Teacher with 3years of experience teaching foreign students.

Currently what pass do you possess? If you are in Singapore under visiting pass then chances to get a job is next to impossible, as visitors are not allowed to work here.

If you have dependant pass then you should check various private and govt schools and try to see if any openings for you. You may visit those schools official websites or check in local job portals like jobstreet or jobsDB. But, please don't pay any cash for any job as there are few cheaters are openly doing this, after banned_by Govt, they run under a different company name. Good luck

Thank you very much sir for your response . I only have tourist visa. So, I think you're right I can't get a job in here. Actually, I am hopeless now. Thank you. God bless to all.

Surya, i once applied one agency at raffles, they ask me to pay 20sg dollars for email distribution of target companies, it means this is not legal? or its normal, they ask money for there consultancies?

It is not legal to charge the job seeker for job matching services.
Sending mass emails is probably not seen as matching service and thus o.k. to charge for (I think) - and at just S$20 you shouldn't worry about it too much.
But mass emails are also a complete waste of time for a job search (Did you get any useful reply???), so don't do that again in future!

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