Singapore EP Employment pass status pending

Hi there,

Got to read many instances where employment pass issued by MOM SG being delayed from April. I just thought to share my status here..

Am a SAN/NAS storage engineer, selected for one of the large banks in singapore(though its not direct payroll). Interview and other formalities were completed by 2nd week of April,unfortunately i had to wait till May 27th to receive my offer letter. All educational/work experience certificates were submitted on the very next day, and EP filing has been done by the employer on 28th itself..

Till the moment writing this post, its in pending state for 72 days,  Has anyone got their EP approved in the resent days

You can see various threads in recent time to see people have similar situation like yours. So have patience.

Your case will not be considered under bank's foreign quota (which is normally easier to get EP under big banks), as you must be hired under a consultant who has got project from bank.

But don't worry, wish you all the best.

Same thing to me, interview was done april but i got offer letter on may25th. EP applied on the 26th and as of today, still pending. Annoying but have to be patient.

Just want to add some information. My EP was applied by my employer on August 4 and it is still pending as of today. Actually documents were submitted some weeks before but I think they had to post the job opening on the jobs market or something.

My employer told me that 45 days is standard now. And looks like it is taking even longer for some based on this thread.

It is just frustrating that some friends get their approval 3-5 days from EP application date. Not sure if there is any difference by I had to fill-in the EP forms manually and send them as scanned copy to my employer. My friends just submitted an excel document.

Maybe I just don't have all the info. But this thread gives me hope.  :)

Manual applications take longer than electronic ones - and unsuccessful posting on the locals-only Job Bank is prerequisite for any EP application. It seems your employer is not very experienced in this.

Manual submission can take maximum 6months to get an outcome. So, you should have visited MoM website prior to your physical paper submission. So, u have to wait now.

I called my employer and I was relieved when they confirmed that they used the online application.

I guess I just need to wait like the rest. The people who gets approved in 3-5 days are just very lucky.

It's different assessment all together like who has got it in 3 days his qualification, job scope and employer's credential and value in Singapore and their work assignment and so on.

So, I would not say as lucky but they have that weightage to get approve so quick.

I'm giving an example in my company one of my colleague he recently got EP renewal in just 2 days with 3 years validity cause he has done MBA in Finance from a top 20 University globally and a CFA. So, each case has different weightage.

My best wishes to you and hope you will get positive response soon.

You might just be right as the friends I mentioned work in a different field and probably demand is greater for them.

If I do manage to get approved, that means I have to improve my credentials while I am working in Singapore - to give me a better chance in renewing my EP. Getting certified in more technologies would be a good idea for me.

Anyway I'll cross one bridge a time for now. :)

Again thanks for your insights and encouragement, surya2k and beppi!

Hi, I share my EP experience.

I was graduated bachelors mechanical Engg from India. And came to SG for work by work permit -1year. Later went to India for some reason and worked there for 2years.
Later on again I came back to SG by S-pass and for almost 6years in a govt sector with 3200$ /month.

During that time I did my Master degree in engineering from NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY part time with service obligation.

Now I got job offer from MNC with my same job role and a quoted salary of 5800$ /month. My application was started since 22Sep2016 and within 7 days got rejected. Again with my consultant support, second time applied somewhere 17Oct2016 and got rejected as well.

Later on my consultant asked me to send my tax bill, pay slip and bank statement. Together with that they sent the actual job contract copy to me to get sign and revert.

Once again applied on 4Nov2016, now I'm waiting for my LUCK to get approved.

Both the admin,

What's your view on my case and referred your previous threads, the EP goes 5 step process. Especially I'm here to hear more about the 3step PENDING TO VET THE DOCUMENTS. Coz until now I didn't see such status in my process.

Thanks in advance

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