Will it be possible to find what I'm looking for with my budget?

Hi, hopefully someone will be able to help me out here and just to be clear I'm not looking for any sources so that I don't break the rules but just a general answer.

I'm going to be moving to Saigon next month and was ideally going to be looking for an apartment, flat or house (no studios) for around $500 or under including utilities (excluding electricity).  As far as the district goes I'm not so picky but would prefer to be located in either 1,3,7 or 10.

My requirements would be at least 4 rooms, furnished (or at least part furnished with a double bed) a kitchen with stove/oven, decent bathroom and decent sized living room.  Anything else would be a bonus but I'd be looking for 4 rooms minimum. It would also be a 12 month lease i'd be looking to take out.

I was just hoping to get some advice on whether or not my budget is a reasonable for what I'm after, and if not, maybe people could advise some areas in HCMC where it would be?  I'd like to be within at least a 20-30 minute bus journey to district 1.


It's possible but good luck!

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I have a friend in vietnam working as a real state agents,as i know $500 for 4 rooms your budget was so cheap,now renting rooms in apartment only 1 room was around $200 sometimes include electricity..

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I would say your budget requirements are possible but borderline for D1, 2, 3, 7. Figure utilities w/o elect < $50. (Elect $40-80 depending on rate, how much aircon you use, apartment size). You won't find any ovens, VN don't bake. District 5 is another option, take bus #1 on Trần Hưng Đạo. You will need a person who can read VN online ads and arrange appointments for the most options.

For a one hour travel time to the areas in question good luck.

I'm renting a nice 3 story, six bed room 5 bath house in Binh Tan for USD 600.00/month. But, that is not an hour away from the area you specify. Except for some Viet Kieus, I'm the only American in the area and being able to speak Vietnamese is almost mandatory.

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