Las Terrenas the best place to retire

Thanks!  We love Airbnb,  just checking to see if anyone knew of something better.

You also might want to check Trip Advisor under Las Terrenas  and look at the top of the page for vacation rentals.  Here you will find condos for rent listed by owners.

Bob K

VRBO/Homeaway is also an option for looking fore rentals.  That's how we did it our first stay in 2015.  I imagine there's almost 100% overlap in properties, but where we stayed in Cabrera wasn't on Air BnB...

thanks Bob K and brodies2013 !

you are welcome...happy hunting

Bob K

How did you find where to stay in Cabrera if you didn't use Airbnb?

I hope to visit 2 or 3 times in the next 12 months, then retire there. I am single, healthy and a horse expert so I possibly could run a horse ride/swim on the beach or up to falls.  I need info & suggestions. First cheapest airfare anytime soon? Would love to swap email & learn more about the peninsula/Las Terrenas. Thank-you if you would do so!  Janet

Good Afternoon,
We have been doing tons of research and are in contact with realtors. We are looking for a beach city that will accommodate us if possible. We want to enjoy the island to its fullest. I'm a veteran and my husband is very supportive of me. Are there any MMA  facilities? I searched the community for a thread already started in this topic. This was as close as I could find. We are looking at less than two years till we get there. I cannot wait to taste the fresh fruit, warm air on my face, sand under my toes.. That isn't in Iraq. :-)  so any advice on a great city near the water would be amazing. This is a wonderful site, I have enjoyed reading the threads.
God bless you and the entire Island is in our prayers with the upcoming storm.

I might suggest Cabrera, it's not a beach town, but there are 6-7 beaches
within a 10 min. drive. Beach towns are usually very cluttered &
busy places full of tourists here for a week or two.
Cabrera is a laid back town of 4000 or so nice people.
Great mix of people from around the world.

Beach town - i can name 2 dozen. Tell us more about tje lifestyle you envision maybe we can narrow it down

We are out doors, looking to have around $2,000-2,500 USD a month to spend. Very active watersports, hiking, shopping, foods. . MMA sports, wanting a Villa, however a nice sized apartment could work. We don't drink but are looking to start.. Lol . spelunking, scuba dive, dolphin swimming. We may pursue a little dream involving a food truck And grilling! Lol I want to do some volunterring. Being close to a VA would be nice. Any suggestions fro you guys would be amazing. And deeply appreciated.
Thank you and God Bless

This helps. With your budget etc I will recommend the north coast between puerto plata and all the way to say cabrera.

Sosua has an excellent medical clinic.  Puerto plata has decent shopping and services and water sports are all across the north coast!

Once settled and you have more sense if the culture yiu can look to volunteer.

Not sure on VA though. Dont think so.

Planner had given you good advice.  My recommendation would be between Sosua and Cabarete where between the two you will find all the activities you are looking for.  We actually live between the two for the last 11+ years.
As to a VA non exist here.  Best medical in the north coast area is actually Puerto Plata and if you need more extensive care that Santiago, which is a bit over an hour away.

Bob K
This website claims they are a VA type medical facility etc. 😊

I have never heard of them and I am not sure what type of quality medical care the deliver and if they are associated with any hospitals or clinics.
Do they just help with forms or do they provide any medical car other than maybe a doc to see you for minor things.  NO hospital that I know of provide VA services. 

Bob K

The page states that they provide medical care and mental health care. It also says there are three locations. Also can assist with paperwork through a liason. It will keep veterans from flying to the states for appointments. That could be a tremendous blessing for American veterans on the island. Gives one hope!

La Terrenas got hit pretty hard in the last 2 weeks.
Just another reason to consider Cabrera, minimal
damage from both hurricanes!

They are a liaison office and do some routine teaching,  checking and physio. They have offices in  Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo.  They are NOT  a clinic but will help coordinate one. know I vote with you! We :heart:  Cabrera!

Planner that is what I thought.  And what clinics can they coordinate with??? No hospital or clinic that I know of will accept VA insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or any other US government sponsored insurance. 

Bob K

They coordinate but clients have to have local insurance or $$ to receive care. If needed they will assist to get them home to the USA.

Looking for general information on moving to the area. Love the beach but would prefer a little farm with small modern cottage & 10 or so acres of grass some trees.  Want to grow things & graze horses. I wonder if I could find one within a 16 or 30 min horse ride to a beach. I hope to meet people, enjoy music & watersports and ride horses. Want to be social & meet local and international people. I appreciate any help you can give.  Janet

Janet welcome. Have you been here before? The DR is wonderful if it fits for you.  Before you make the leap you might want to come and spend a few months living here as a non tourist and explore the area.

Bob K

I would like to visit Las Terrenas for possible retirement. Can anyone recommend a villa to rent for 1 month, preferably near the ocean?  Thanks in advance.

I am at the moment panning to purchase a place in Las Terrenas . Wanting to know where can I go to find the latest information on the security there. Have traveled around the world so  I know to walk like you know where you are going don't be flashy. When I was there  this July I was asking the locals and the expats about this and I was told that  it was pretty safe. And by watching the way the  ladies were holding there purse and what they were wearing it seemed ok.  But  I would like to get more feed back. 


For the most part its safe,  using usual precautions you are fine in most places

Thank You Planner for the reply.

This forum will be getting a lot of questions.

Ask away honey!

We are retiring in LT next year. If it wasn't safe we wouldn't be retiring there. Period.     :0)

We are coming December 14-January 11 of this year. We are staying at Colina al Mar on the hillside with beautiful ocean view. Where do you go to meet other ex-pats. After we move permanently, we are planning on going back to USA twice a year for our doctor appointments and maintaining our insurance there. What are your thoughts?


Welcome to the forums. Others from that area will help you with specifics honey about where to meet other expats there!   

Does your insurance cover you here if something happens? Look into that so you are not caught without coverage here!

Where you will be staying certainly has good views of Coson beach with a backdrop of the lush Coson hills behind.

I used to rent one of the villas high up above in Loma de Ana where there are several villas owned and rented out by expats. I was involved at that stage with a planned large development and a Six Senses hotel in the hills overlooking the beach, but sadly it never came to fruition despite starting.

You will be a good 15 minutes away from the town centre by car, and a good walk to the beach too, so transport will be likely needed for your stay.

Las Terrenas does not have so many meeting places for anglophiles but One Love Surfshack in Pueblo de Pescadores may prove a place to find a few especially at weekends. There is a vibrant expat community and some of the posters here will no doubt advise more.

Close to where you will be staying is a rustic beach restaurant, Luis Restaurant, which is popular with expats. Sublime Samana will be an interesting place to eat out and is very close too.

Closer than town is Playa Bonita and Hotel Atlantis is known for good food being owned by a chef of former French President Mitterand. It is actually within walking distance along the beach and around Punta Bonita.

A hidden gem close to you will be the Peninsula hotel which only caters for a very few guests and has it's own helipad.

am going to Las Terrenas on the same date as you
can i ask how much you pay for rent ?

Thank you for the information! We will definitely have a car when we are there. We look forwarded to meeting you all!!!

***per night for a 4 master suite penthouse with a hot tub

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