Working in Saudi Arabia - Visitor visa Vs. Work Visa

My HR contact let me know its take time to obtain my work visa and we've been waiting for awhile now.

So i was asked if i want  to travel on visitor visa and then change once in KSA.

This is very confusing to me because in USA if are not allowed to work as a visitor. So how come i am to work as a visitor? Sitting in KSA and just waiting is not an option for me either.

Please, i would appreciate your advice on this matter.


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You cannot work on a visit visa.

What does happen sometimes is that they will get you a business visa and then convert to work visa.

However, I would advise that you ask your employer to get you a work visa. As only with work visa can you obtain an iqama. which you will need in KSA.

Bank Account, driving license etc Iqama is required.

I think we all had to wait a while for the visa to come through.

Good Luck

You cant work on Family Visit Visas for sure, however there are "business visit visas", that are issued for specific business men/people working in senior roles like project managers, working for companies outside Saudi Arabia so that they can come into the Kingdom to work with or for a Saudi company. The duration can be one, three or 6 months. It can also be used by companies to bring you into the kingdom to work on a short term contract, business study. Once the period is over, the person would need to go back and come back on a permanant Work visa if required.

This is a standard practice, although not a recomended one as generally these days,the visit visa system is a bit strict and one may get extensions only once or twice and hence you may need to go back to ur home country immediately (U cant be in KSA even one single day if ur visa expires and there is a strict penalty on this), which could have some HR and Travel complexilitites as you will know only on the last day, whether u can stay next day or not. Otherwise, you may require to rush out on the same day to book the tickets and go back immediately unless your HR is smart enough to get a ticket for you on that last day.

However having these visas are not advised to be used to work on some specific works involoving site visits, on-field works which require identity cards and you will be issed ID cards only if you have a valid Iqama.

So strictly advise you to get more information about the visit visa being offered, your nature of work and have your next steps...........................

IF ur HR insist on a visit visa and your work nature allows you to work on a visit Visa, would advise to get a more longer valid visit visa, atleast 3 months to avoid last minute anxieties every month.

a visit visa is like coming to ksa in handcuffs. you will not be able to do anything with it - as people have said, no car - rental or otherwise, no bank account.  also, if you're coming with a family, i dont know what impact your visa status has on enrolling children in school.

you can work on certain visit visas (misnomer i suppose) - i think this really opens up a can of worms though because it means you're here on a temporary contract which has to be renegotiated once you go 'permanent'.  and you have to be ready for the unexpected when it comes to dealing with hr or admin in this country.

especially if you are leaving your home (ending a lease or selling your place) in the us, selling your car for a 'permanent' move to ksa, i would wait for a permanent contract.

Thats very much for all the advice. I think I will ask the HR of the state medical facility to work on getting the permanent visa, though slow.

As mentioned, I will be making a massive move and it will be stupid on my part to take unwanted risks.


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