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I am looking for a teaching job in Phnom Penh. Iam a qualified teacher, degree holder , teaching license and TEFOL. I handed my CV in at three different schools up to now ,no reaction.

Good luck; my friend on getting a "reaction" from schools here in PP.  Even after turning in applications to teach ESL in various schools (20 in March of 2016); there has been no phone calls nor emails from the schools--nothing!--and to me that is beyond unprofessional!  On the 21st school that I had applied to--after phoning the principal several times (leaving messages) and even again "dropping" by the school to highlight the teaching issue--on the next call to the principals office the following day; I was invited to interview.  After the interview and successful teaching of the primary school class for 30 minutes (where I was graded by the assistant)--I was then offered a position by both the principal & the assistant (10 minutes later)--but several weeks later (early June, 2016) the offer was rescinded.  Why?  Because according to the assistant; "the principal liked you and I like you; but the principal's wife does not feel comfortable with you here, so you will have to look for another school." (this statement was uttered while he was apologizing for the situation).  I was absolutely incensed!  I never even met the woman and really do not believe that such was a reason.  Anyway you look at it; it was unprofessional and I refuse to put up with it any longer (as I can now no longer trust the school officials--nor other officials--words in this country).   I have the requisite education/experience (4-year degree, 20+ years in the corporate sector + ESL teaching experience in China) to teach here; so that is not the issue.  Instead of returning to China to teach; I will return home to the US and return to the corporate sector (banking/finance) until I decide my next move.  Finally and hope that you will have success with this; the only was that I can see getting a "reaction" is by FORCING the issue:  in essence; run the schools crazy with phone calls strongly stating that you want to speak with the principal and if need be, DROP IN for an unexpected visit.  If the school still does not respond in a positive fashion; then drop that unprofessional institution from your radar and move on.  Please accept my apology for the long message.

Am looking to make the move myself. Most of the teaching positions are found by applying in person?


Have you found a job?

Let me kNow

:) You have a job for me

Hi Hannes, I am also from South Africa.  Did you find a job?

Yikes! Everything that I have heard until this, is that English teachers were in rather high demand in Cambodia. Now I am hearing that it is next to impossible to secure a job. I don't know what to believe. I have a headache.

It is not too difficult to secure a job my friend (as long as you have the right "assets" for the school).  Unfortunately; the schools are looking for specific (I am sure that they refer to them as 'necessities' but in reality; they are not) images (as I have learned--while teaching in China--is mainly associated with the Asian culture; which clearly does not make me elated.

I lived in Cambodia for 6 months and out of utter frustration; ended up returning home to the USA 2 months ago (in order to recoup and make further plans to return overseas to engage in teaching; but this time in a location which will value me for my finance and teaching skills).  I refuse to be pigeon-holed into the school administrations idea of how a 'perfect' teacher should look (of course; they will not tell you the truth but will instead use any excuse in the book as to why the supposedly cannot proceed).  Believe me; I have heard some ridiculous reasons (LOL).

Anyway my friend; I wish you much luck in your success and feel free to reach out to me if there is anything that I can assist with (from my current vantage point).

till now, I cant find a teaching job Filipina and I have 5 years teaching exp... so sad.

maraliah :

till now, I cant find a teaching job Filipina and I have 5 years teaching exp... so sad.

Hello my name is Lee, i would like to know are you still teaching English in Phnom Penh ?
I am looking for English teacher to teaching me English.

If you still teaching English in Phnom Penh , please kindly send to my xxx

Thank you

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