Importing a dog to Mauritius

Hi everyone,
I need some help. I am soon moving to Mauritius and I want to bring my dog with me (a tiny chihuahua). I am currently living in Malta where no diseases are present and the dog is in perfect health.

I know that he needs the rabies vaccine (already done) and a blood test (soon to be done).
I am sure he will satisfy all requirements of the Pet Import Permit however how do I get the actual permit? Who do I contact?
I've sent multiple emails to moa-dvs[at] and moa-dvs[at] but it's been weeks and no reply yet. 
Thanks a lot in advance

We brought across our lovely cat last year
The contact in Mauritius is :  'hurrychb[at]'
EXCELLENT Service and a really nice guy

stronlgly recommend you make contact

let me know how it goes



Do keep us updated how you get on - I am also looking to bringing my dog - I am hoping to move from Cyprus.

?? happy to help with any matters as I said we did bring our cat and had no real problems

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You can check the VET Services in Reduit, Mauritius. … vices.aspx

We are used to this type of procedure. If you need help, please feel free

I am using Hurry too to bring my Boston Terrier from South AFrica - he is excellent and will tell you exactly what you need to do from your country of departure.

Hi Esmarie, where can I contact Hurry. I am looking to take my two Beagles from SA to Mauritius in January 2017. Thanks, Tracy

Here are is his details.  I am using Keringa Pet Wings as the agent in South Africa (you need one on both ends). They are excellent!

Mr N Hurry (Sunil)
Airpet Relocation Mauritius
Cell:  00230 5256 8113

Melanie Ungerer
Keringa Pet Wings
011 976 3030

Hope this helps!
My boy is still there due to rabies tests etc and they send me updates and photos all the time.

Thank you Esmarie. May I ask how long the process takes and what the average cost is? I need to start work in MRU in January so I guess I need to start the process soon :-(

Hi Tracy

No problem.  It depends what your dog's record looks like, but essentially he'll need a range of shots, 2 x rabies injections and 2 x blood tests each 3 months apart before he can travel.  There are very specific dates that they'll need to get specific things (shots/bloods etc) but start by getting them spayed and chipped (if they aren't already) and getting a rabies shot with a blood test done now - that is what delays the process is the rabies test requirements.  If they have not had a rabies test, it will be a minimum of 6 months before they can travel.  My dog started his treatment in August and he will arrive here in February only.  He is currently at Keringa and they are attending to his shots etc in accordance with the timeline.

The VET costs were around R8 000 including spaying him, chip etc, the kenneling, grooming etc at Keringa is around R3500 pm (all inclusive) and the actual transportation, custom etc fees are +- R9000 (including his crate to travel in etc).  Sunil's fees here are around MUR16 0000 if I recall correctly, but it all differs according to your dog's history, his size and your requirements.

I would suggest that you get a checklist from Sunil for your dog and take that with your dog's vet card to the vet to see what he still needs to get done, but do it as soon as you can so that he may not need to wait out the rabies shots and test periods (as in my case).  You will need an agent in SA though, so you may be better off going straight to Keringa (or asking for a referral if you are not in Johannesburg) for them to ensure that you get it all done correctly and timeously.  There is a 30 day quarantine hold in Mauritius once they arrive, but you can visit them daily (the State vet is in Reduit, which is right next to Ebene and not far from Port Louis).

Just make sure that you get it 100% correct because if your dog arrives here and something is out of place or was not done correctly they euthanize your pet (or send it back, but I doubt they'll foot the bill for that).

I hope that helps!

Oh my goodness, 6 months? :-(

It all depends, that is worst case scenario.  Perhaps you won't have the problems I had, I had to start from scratch and I only had 4 weeks before I had to leave.  You may find you don't have to wait so long.  Good luck :(

Hi .. am also going through the process and I agree Mr Hurry is great! We are using Petport who've also been super! I was told yesterday that my import permits have been sorted!! Yay!! But it is a long process .. I started in March this year to get all ducks in a row .. two rabies blood tests to be done three months apart, other blood tests for dogs, and deworming, detick and fleas etc etc .. good luck!

Thanks guys, I appreciate your advice. I need to get started asap. :-)

Hi Everyone,

I am currently living in Tamatave , Madagascar and we are  coming to settle back in Mauritius end of June this year.We will bring our dog with us, a Cotton Tulear .
Can anyone tell if Mr Hurry still available all the necessary information needed to bring the dog in mauritius.T
Thanking you in advance.
Warm Regards
Usha from Madagascaer


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Hello everyone

could you please update me if it is possible to import a dog from the country of EU where is no direct flight to Mauritius so you you fly from another country in EU?

Thank you for your reply.


Hi Jane,

We’re just looking into (hopefully) moving to Mauritius from UK. Our dogs will fly via Dubai, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem as they won’t leave the quarantine area of the airport in Dubai.

Hope that helps! Best wishes,


best thing to do is get a pet courier, your end.
The email you sent to doesent really work, i tried many times. Ended going into the office in Reduit (next to the university), best thing to do as contact with them is pretty useless. If your dog has had relevent jabs and you have history and microchip and rabies blood test, you can apply for a permit, which takes a week. if you use a pet courier they can liase with them once you have been in and got an email that works. its an annoying process, but you will get there. you will need filght details for the permit so it will take a bit of back and forth between you, the courier and the office there..

Have you phoned your nearest Mauritian Embassy to ask?

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