Cambridge English School in Kuwait

I would like to know more about the Cambridge English School in Kuwait. My husband was offered a job there.

search the forum, you will find your answer.

Me too , anyone for info

Me too
I just been offered a teaching post there

Stay away - knew a couple of people that did runners after a couple of months. They have 90% staff turnover every year. On the other hand, it can all be an adventure and be a good way to find a teaching post in a more reputable school, locally or better still, in the region.

The International School Review website is the best place to read about reviews for International Schools. It's worth the membership fee.

Thanks mate

Are the kids difficult or it's the management?

Hi i am wanting an up to date opinion on teaching in Cambridge English school please?

I was offered a teaching job at Cambridge English School Hawally in Kuwait, I would really appreciate it if someone has some info...

Congratulations, don't hesitate, it's a very good school all over Kuwait.

???? ARE YOU SURE?.. because that is not what I heard.. but then, to each his own.

The only way to have first-hand information is to enrol with this site .. yes.. it's not free... BUT IT IS WORTH IT if you are making such a move.

On the other hand, even if the school is not that great, it can be a first step into finding a better school once here as they tend to recruit locally fist.

Thanks for the reply, I am looking to teach primary, I have heard this is not too bad but secondary seems to have more negative reviews?

hi there.

I have got an offer for cambridge english school in kuwait and wonder if you could tell me about it. thanks

hi there
have you gone to Kuwait in the end? if so, how is the experience at the school?

Teachers should be able to think, so think.

First thing is to take a look at the outside of the school. Is there a Cambridge university or Cambridge university press logo on there? If not it could be the school is only Cambridge in name, not in status.

Take a look at their FB page and note the use of English. Cambridge uni partner schools use mostly English - do they and what level of English is used?
I noticed a certificate showing the Cambridge international exams logo - Are they entitled to use this? Find out by going to the Cambridge site and looking for their listing. Is it IGCSE and so on or Cambridge ESL exams. The latter requires just 100 exam entries per year to get the logo.

Look at the many reviews of the school and note the comments. Plenty available on the internet without paying anything to anyone.
If you have trouble finding positive reviews - gosh!

Check out their site, noting any Cambridge logos, or lack thereof.

Take note at the standard of English used on their site and decide for yourselves if they're any good or not.

Throughout the school, the curriculum is the National Curriculum of England, modified to local conditions, together with the Arabic, Religion and Kuwait Social Studies courses prescribed by the Kuwait Ministry of Education.
To assist teachers with delivering the curriculum in the most effective ways, classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards and plasma screens.  In addition we have dedicated computer suites to teach IT/computing from KG through to Year 12.   Our students benefit from this because they have access to current day software to support their learning.

Poor English skills would suggest inability to deliver lessons in English or sloppy work and lack of checking when creating the site.

I have spoon fed you the idea but I dislike wiping arses so you'll have to prove you're some use as teachers and do the rest yourselves.

I've been offered a job there. If you know a of anything please can you share. I'm trying to find out more about the school.

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