Why Do They Keep Building So Many Apartments?!

Is it just me or are they building way too many apartment buildings here? There are so many vacant, for sale, etc apartments everywhere and yet they just keep on building and building and building more.  I realize that real estate prices have gone up drastically in recent years, but looking around at all the vacant apartments and ongoing construction combined with rampant unemployment, low wages, and everything else going on, I feel like the bottom is going to fall out sometime soon?  Is there still that much demand? 

Please note - I'm half just venting about this due to the fact its 900 degrees in my aparent today and they are building another huge building about 10 feet from my apartment and I have to listen to it 7 days a week starting at 6:30 am and can't even open my windows for air. I'm losing my mind I think......

Oh dear.... I feel you.

According to my knowledge there's still a demand for it as many Jordanians working abroad and make good money. They can finally buy a better home for their families.
But I agree with you : it seems no end to it.

you need to consider how banks started to make it a very easy process, so the bank will pay for the apartment.

most consider this as the best way instead of paying rent, so you will keep paying monthly but eventually the apartment is yours.

I realize that but it seems a high percentage  of them are empty and sitting for sale forever or they have been bought by people who live out of the country and put them for rent (and are still empty).  In my building there are 9 apartments and 7 are empty.

perhaps waiting for the next war and a new wave of immigrants and the next wave of international aid workers, military experts, reporters/intelligence officers;...etc,
any idea where the next wave will come from? South China Sea area?
  :)  :)  :)

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