Securex - invoice 1500E

Hello everyone,

I arrived in Belgium since 2014. I left Romania to start a new life here. In this period I worked for a friend who had a business not too lucky. Because of the huge taxes here he wasn't able to hire me with documents. So he propose me to become an associate, and to pay for me the taxes being an associate. Meanwhile the business went bankrupt.

Now I received an invoice of 1500 Euro from Securex, which wasn't payed by no one. I had called to Securex and they told me that my registration was not finished, so I have nothing to pay for.

I don't know where to ask more information about this situation, to find out exactly if I need to pay something or not. Also, I did not understand very well what Securex does and what it's his pepper.

Thank you in advance!

To know your exact situation, it is best to contact the tax administration and the VAT near your home.

Now, regarding your bill, one must know that it relates exactly to be able to give you a specific answer because it can have at least two possible reasons: the payment of your social contributions or the payment of your membership services.

This is a company that assists independent in their relations with social and tax services of the Belgian state.

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