Re-Legalizing the Casinos of Ecuador

Here is my take, if you want to waste your money at a casino fine. But the government should not profit. I am opposed to a moron tax lol.

cccmedia :

Multiple websites that follow Ecuadorian industries are suddenly reporting a so-called "plan" to reopen casinos and gambling centers around the country, said plan having apparently been announced to media outlets yesterday, April 24, 2019.

The plan comes from an association of ex-casino workers of Ecuador .. and is evidently being sent to a government ministry to formulate a detailed offering to go to Presidente Moreno.

The promoters of casino revivals contend that large amounts of money have been flowing to casinos and casino workers in Peru and Colombia since Ecuador shuttered its casinos seven years ago.

To read details of what is going on, so far in español only, google:
reapertura casinos ecuador to find multiple sites announcing the pro-casinos venture.

The announcement comes exactly one month to the day after voters were to decide March 24th whether to support the return of casinos and other gambling establishments for Bahía de Caráquez and Salinas, two coastal communities.

I have not found any reports on what voters may have decided in those elections last month as pertains to casinos.


An article in El Universo indicates that the association of ex-casino workers has already delivered its proposal favoring casinos .. to at least three of Ecuador's ministries.

The association's leadership says legalizing casinos in Ecuador could be achieved with a national referendum or through the Constitutional Court.


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