The experience of buying property in Vietnam

Hi, it would be great if people could put down some of their experiences of buying property in Vietnam. Was it easy, did you have trust issues, did you go through a third party such as a lawyer etc, did you experience any corruption along the way, would you do it again, any pitfalls to be avoided etc etc


We bought a house and farm in Bình Thuận Province starting in 1997 and are in the process of selling the farm. As we use the traditional Vietnamese process of shaking hands and then exchanging the paperwork for a bag of cash that gets counted a few times, I don't know how much help our experience will be for expats buying and or selling Realestate.

70 years old; I am just became aware of  Bình Thuận Province recently; looking for a chance to explore someday.

May I ask where about is the farm you are in the process of selling. I have recently got some 20 kilos of Asian dates from Thap Cham; I think this is in  Bình Thuận Province?!


The farm is up in the foothills, close to the Dam on the other side of AH1 from Lien Huong City, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam. If need be I can direct you to my brother-in-law. But, I think that he is currently looking at various offers to buy and may have made a deal.

Note, this was a fish farm and the prospective buyers are planning on raising Shrimp. The cost of filling in the ponds etc. would raise the expense for you. Also, the farm is in a "Mountain People" area. The social interactions are a bit different than for the Vietnamese.

Noted & thanks for the info.

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elena2710 :


Can you kindly tell us about which areas/locations foreigners are banned from owning houses/apartments?

That has been changing over the last few years. The regulations are also differently administered from location to location. Mostly, the restriction is to the percent of foreigners in an apartment or neighborhood.

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