Coming to Kenya

I am from the UK but have spent around half my time in Botswana where I have a house.

Because Botswana is to xenophobic I decided to leave and hopefull not return there.
I had done voluntary work in Kenya with the Maasai in 2012 and find Kenya far superior to SADC countries.

That said I have had my problems dealing with potential property sellers the police and border officials but nothing compared to Zambia and Tanzania both of which are simple scum bag, corrupt countries. I hope never to revisit them too!

I would say, as a Brit living in Kenya, that I have been made to feel welcome and haven't experienced xenophobia.

However, if you are expecting a corruption free country, think again. I would say that corruption here may even be worse than in Tanzania. It's part of life, unfortunately. You are certainly likely to come across it in dealing with Immigration and the police.

I was unsure from your post whether you were seeking information about the logistics of moving here and information around this?

Xenophobia referred to Botswana
I have probably decided not yo come anywhere in Africa having spent the past 10 years in Botswana

I fully realise that you were referring to your experience in Botswana and I was informing you about my experience of Kenya, as I thought that your comments and reason for posting on this forum, related to you being interested in relocating to Kenya.

Evidently not and still not sure what you are trying to say here.

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