Looking for english speaking friends living in paris

Hi everybody
Im Italian i live in Paris i was born in Australia and im looking for english speaking friends living in Paris..
Are you interested ?..:)
Let's talk soon !

greeting from Paris,

i come from Indonesia n live with my husband, if you have free time some time, don't hesitate to contact me we can go to somewhere for drink n have fun :p
Thank you...

Have a good day

hey, i'm an aussie living in paris. feel free to contact me  :)

Hi, ok lets talk soon we can meet somewhere in Paris Saint Germain for exemple

do you have a picture to recognize you !

I hope to join you un 3 months when i come back to Paris. I'm french but spent A few years in The US and am looking forward to speak English more often :)

Hi Elo !
Glad to hear you, i'll wait for your return to Paris, i'm Italian and i live in France Paris, so don't hesitate to contact me when you back.. you re luchy girl to be in the US..
Let's talk any more :)

hi  i speak good english & french too if u r interested message me.

Hi, thanks to reply me, would you talk me more about you ? have a nice day. Carrie

hi once again, well am livingin paris for the time being am not working, am married & have 2 sons, am rather open type of person & i like meeting ppl frm all around the world & have many friends as well. Am a bollywood dancer too, i luv dancing.

yes i speak english living paris also.

yes i like you for me . can you give me your contact number to talk with you?

yes i am interested .thank you verry much

md nazrul islam :

yes i am interested .thank you verry much

One response is enough please!  If someone is interested in contacting you, they will do so.  However, you didn't even bother to introduce yourself properly. 

Tip: Desperation is not an attractive quality ;) 

Expat.com Experts Team

Am from Nigeria ,new in Paris.,,will like to meet some friends

How are you I am ready to meet you I am in paris

Hello I’m thinking on coming over in a couple months.
I would definitely need a friend there.
We can stay in contact if you like ☺️


I am from Cairo, it has been a while since my arrival, mainly speaking English & Deutsch with some French, let me know if this convo still valid or not!

Hello am here whatsapp me on ****

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