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Having stayed in Saudi Arabia,Riyadh to be precise,i find live so interesting. A cool place. Given a chance i would wish to have my family here. A nice environment for children upbringing. Being a Christian,i have my own challenges but all in all i carry along. My big question i have been askin myself is why ladies should wear these long black dresses en still cover faces with black. Does it have any other reasons? What if someone dresses a log,free dress en cover of her own choice of colour? Why just black?


Welcome to Saudi Arabia.

I do not want to turn this into a controversial religious debate.

The whole point of wearing a loose black dress (Abaya) in Saudi is to protect the females from un wanted attention at public places by helping them to blend into the surrounding. by wearing a unique colour would do the contrary. 

Secondly, you would notice that Jeddah and Al-Kobar are slightly more liberal in gazing at non-abaya  looks by passer by men.  :dumbom:

I'd rather not map it to any religion or so. It's part of local traditions that must be respected through all means. In plain logic, it's as simple as this: the more you expose something to externals, the more vulnerable it gets.

Good news though: Some recent changes in trends (since a month or so), black isn't necessary anymore. You can see a spectrum of colors around now in Riyadh. :)

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