Visa transfering

     I need to know how to transfer my visa from current company to other company. Kindly help on this and may I know what all formalities in this .

New company will send an online request to your old company and the HR at your old company has to accept this...Over!

It all depends on your current company. If they agree, you can; if they don't, you don't have much of options.

- Get an offer letter from your new employer.
- Talk to your manager &HR and try to convince them.
- If they agree, resign as per their policies.
- Ask your new company HR to send the electronic request of sponsorship transfer to your current employer.
- If all has gone well, join the new company.
- Once your employer approves the electronic transfer request,you're good to go. Your new employer will take care of the rest and you'll get the iqama soon.

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