Any good Mexican restaurant in Singapore?

Hi, anybody has a tip?

I like your idea so I did a tripadvisor search. note: I used to like tripadvisor a lot better but they are trying to go into the travel agent business and their reviews can only be a rough guide as objectivity presents a conflict of interest for them…anyhow: … apore.html

There are few Mexican restaurants you will find in and around Raffles Place area (Business district), one is recent opened Mexican restaurant (Mexiout) in MBFC Tower 1, level 2, opp to food court.

MBFC: Merina Bay Financial Centre

thanks a lot

Sorry, it should be read as MBFC Tower 3 (not Tower 1) level 2 opp to Food court (DBS corporate office building).

Note: Both Tower 2 & 3 are next to each other(nearest MRT station is Downtown Blue line).

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