Rape culture?

Without bothering with the obvious condemnation of this very personal crime, what is the real situation in India as far as rape goes?

The high profile press pieces tell a story about a culture of rape in India, but the press has to sell their news and have been known to exaggerate more than a few times.

This could well be a concern for any potential lady expats, so can posters over there tell us what the real situation is?
Is it a minor issue with a lot of press hype, or is there a serious problem; if so, is that limited to one section of the population or is it considered acceptable in general?

It is accepted in the North Indian patriarchal societies where women are looked down upon as inferior to men.
That's why most of the high profile rape cases happen in the Northern parts of India as the perpetrators feel justified by their patriarchal societies.

You're saying rape is considered fine because women are seen as a lower life form. What's the difference between north ans south?

I would say a rare case and hyped by media. I have stayed in India for 25 years and believe quite safe for. I have stayed from north,south and west of india

I would advise not to roam alone on highways were a mis happ could be avoided if any.

If you can share which part of India are you travelling then we can further advise if any precaution should be taken or not.


I beg your pardon rape isnt a culture in India(North or South) or anywhere.

If 1 out of lakhs does a dumb act it doesn't mean you can generalize it Mr. and it isnt a culture of us or accepted by a society clarify your statistics before putting a stain on one's image.


It is a wrong conclusion based on one guy's personal opinion which is not a fact.

I dont believe they have a lower form of life but what ppl in general around globe say that men are muscluar and  women are feminine and not strong as men that's it nothing more or less.

I am pretty sure from population perspective more women are in northern region and safe.

Let's look at the statistical data. All the horrendous rapes reported in the media are from the North. You can pick up any newspaper and read about this. This information is out in the public domain. Rape of women and honour killings are a common place in the Northern parts of India.
It is not my personal opinion but rather concrete observations based on strong evidence.
South Indian societies are essentially matriarchal where women tend to enjoy equal status and even wield more influence on key decision making in the family whereas the patriarchal North Indian families expect the woman to be subservient to the man's will.
There is a regressive system of veils prevalent amongst North Indian women where a married woman must drape her face fully with a veil. It is called Ghoonghat.
You don't find that ritual anywhere amongst South Indian women.
Women deserve to be treated with respect. But that respect percolates right down to the grassroots only when the society in which women live in, accords them that respect.

Veil use seems to be spread over four religions, but seems to be pretty much restricted to some areas, all Hindi speaking.
That suggests he veil is a local cultural thing, not a religious thing.
If the rape culture is even close to as bad as it's painted in the press, I get the idea it's restricted to these same areas.
The language map for Hindi follows the earlier suggestion the north of India has the rape problem.
Perhaps someone with local knowledge could note the towns where newsworthy rapes have occurred, then we can see if the theory is likely to hold water.

Ah, Mr Googles is my friend.
Whilst there is a clear problem in many areas, the vast majority seem to be in the north.


As a note to posters ...

The forum is here to assist expats in various ways, so this thread is here as a tool to help any potential lady expats gain information about this difficult issue, and nothing more.
It isn't an Indian bashing thread, nor is it there to defend India, just to explore the problem and keep potential lady expats informed.


Well your statistcal data is out of date 2011 we are living in 2016.

Point# 2 it says number of reported cases which means even if some bad had happen people went to filled case if you know india that well for a indian lady her respect is most imp and therefore many dont file cases which happen so in north people dare to outgo infront of society that will not tolerate a bad thing.

For you http://her.yourstory.com/esha-gupta-0720 latest information if it is really so unsafe that it appears it to you. As i said earlier population is more in north than in south so just showing number of cases doesnt give you a clear pic,

I am a north india lived for 20 years and 5 years in south and indian by origin so i can say i have seen and know more than you.

And if you talk about 'Ghoonghat' which  is applicable to only Hindu religion women is same as hijab in Islam or a nun in Christianity does it imply that women are inferior i dont think so. If you understand culture from 10000 years of india women are cultured to wear a ghoonghat unlike west wear a women can be in bikni or etc infront of whole family. Culture difference which you should know in a new country.

The reason i am sharing it as i have stayed in Lucknow, Allahabad,kanpur,delhi,gurgaon,noida,chandigarh,hyderabad,pune,bangalore,mumbai,pondecherry,jammu,bhopal,indore and many other cities and i am sure i have covered almost quite much in india wrt to different regions.

It is not so common. There are incidents reported every now and then but it is really safe to be in india.

ataneja7 :


Well your statistcal data is out of date 2011 we are living in 2016.

Sometimes I wonder if at least some of India's population is living in the stone age, or at least should be stoned to death.
This disgusting report caught my eyes a couple of hours ago, not just because of the horrendous rape of a baby, but it also quotes figures as saying rape is on the increase.


An eight-month-old baby girl has been raped allegedly by her cousin in the Indian capital, Delhi.

Analysis: Geeta Pandey, BBC News, Delhi
This distressing case of assault on an infant has shocked India and the extent of her injuries has horrified many to wonder whether we have reached a new low.

But a look at the statistics, compiled by the government, show that such crimes are not uncommon.

And worryingly, their numbers are rising rapidly.

According to the latest National Crime Records Bureau data, 2016 saw 19,765 cases of child rape being registered in India - a rise of 82% from 2015 when 10,854 cases were recorded.

20,000 cases of child rape! What the hell is wrong over there?

It's funny that Father living in Austria raped her own daughter than grand daughter for many years. No one respond. But if democratic society like India where such crime happens which are disgusting and I understand fully that they are horrendous, remarks or make things more worse instead of correcting the situation. BBC or Western Media is the worst news agency or agencies of the world. They made war in Iraq. So you know what they are!!!

They try to showcase that, Oh you citizens of western world,  who are eating potato chips and typing nonsense on their sofa holding laptops or stinky phones are living in cool world where no crimes happen.

I was reading reports that in London or Paris, prostitutes are bring from Low income EU nations or East Europe and they are raped like monkeys or people who are from monolithic stone age era. They are raped and raped until they have herpes, syphillis or AIDs.

So stop hatred. India is safe and I am living here and please if you like to mock, mock with pride on us. But damn, show your passport with Indian immigration stamp. So that we all know that you western media influenced people visited once.

Many Thanks

sachingoel85 :

So stop hatred. India is safe

1 - No hatred, just an exploration of safety concerns that potential expat ladies might wish to consider.
2 - Excusing the rape of a child by saying it happens in other places is rather bad
3 - I'm Indonesian
4 - Given the massive number of rapes, it's a serious possibility India might very well not be safe, at last for ladies.

Fred :
sachingoel85 :

So stop hatred. India is safe

1 - No hatred, just an exploration of safety concerns that potential expat ladies might wish to consider.
2 - Excusing the rape of a child by saying it happens in other places is rather bad
3 - I'm Indonesian
4 - Given the massive number of rapes, it's a serious possibility India might very well not be safe, at last for ladies.

Reply on 1. Yea I can sense the word hatred very well above and safety is not someone can define but mockery and making other aware in drastic way that people start pulling out from other nation like indian. Remember, negative publicity is as fatal as crime.

Reply on 2. No one is escaping from such crime and I already feel pity on such "horrific" act but if i try to bring out data of Indonesia or Malaysia than it make no sense. As I already wrote above if you visited my country and you know this country from my eye lens than it more better to understand rather watching from bird eye view and picking some BBC article.

Reply on 3. Proud to know you are Indonesian, I am amid follower of you and your articles from last 3 years and I know how you dominate the situation very well.

Reply on 4. India is having 1.2 billion population, it's not like China where state media rule the world so you have no news of rapes or capital punishment or UK or France where crime ratio is 3:10
It's better to have some good stats and we are improving and we are taking good initiative in improving our laws, we know it's "shameful" but I would prefer to see my glass house rather throwing stones on others.

Hope it make sense. Thanks

I would love to visit India, especially the north as I love the food from that area, but I would take great care and consideration before I went with my wife and daughter.
Whatever you say, the rape figures are terrible.

These numbers, and they are very high, are the point of the thread (the only point of the thread), and this is purely as a point of consideration for any ladies who could be considering becoming an expat in that country.

Well yes you are right, like to see you in North. As i am from north.
We indians are good host and we believe in treating guest as God (it's an old rich tradition of that civilisation which is as old as egyptian, mesopotamia, peru or greek)
I know many african, israelis or americans who live here.

FYI, here is place called "little israel" in Himachal Pradesh where israelis lives happily and their number in in 100s or Dharamshala where Dalai Lama a famous tibetian monk lives with million of chinese tibetian people or you can go to Goa or pondicherry where you will find russians or english.

But your concern is Women Atrocities, we are working on it. We represent India. We know how hard we are working to educate such social stigmas but its true if crime has no definition than same for safety.
Education is the only way we can improve Indian society.
And Thanks for understanding.

One more thing, If I am not wrong you were/ are british living in Indonesia.
Please check this: Just a random link I found on google.
Not more interested to go on this. Wish you good health.

http://jakartaglobe.id/news/child-rape- … emergency/

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