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Hi everyone! i am new here and i am looking for advice. my husband got job offer in  Almaty and we are moving in few month. We have 4 year old son, and we want to find safe and family oriented area for living, can someone recommend me area which will fit my standards?
Also i would like to know the average monthly payment for 2 bedroom flat?
Thank you in advance and look forward hearing from you

"Keremet" place, between Seifulin-Dzerjinski and Satpaev-Temiryazev streets.

Thank you!

Hey¡ Im a gay guy that is going to Almaty to work. Can anyone help me to know how is a gay life there?

Well, Kazakhstan's nation do not tolerate sexual minority. However, in Almaty quite many gays work and live. Recently a new gay night club was opened at the location Pushkin str crossing Kurmangazy str. Some gays profiles can be found on the dating sites and there are a few newspaper ads offering "man to man" services.

As an advise don't express your sexual orientation (kissing, hugging, etc) in public places. In general, being a gay in Almaty is a normal thing.

To everyone who are seeking information service, you can check service

siemprejulian :

Hey¡ Im a gay guy that is going to Almaty to work. Can anyone help me to know how is a gay life there?

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Hi everyone , I need to get the contacts of people who can facilitate the residence visa procedures in Almaty . I am quite aware that I need to know the right people who could help through this process. Please if anyone knows such people send me the contacts. I woul really appreciate that my email is adamsar4[at]gmail. Com

Almaty – the largest city of Kazakhstan. The most prestigious real estate is elite houses of Almaty and suburbs. To buy real estate in Almaty, it is necessary to lay out the serious sum: housing in this city are expensive. Many objects at cost is comparable with houses in Bulgaria, Turkey and even London. Recently the prices of secondary real estate in Almaty fall. Especially it belongs to apartments in monolithic houses: the prices of elite housing remain rather stable.
In general, experts often call the market of real estate of Almaty chaotic. Actually in one districts of the city of housing price grow, in others – on the contrary, decrease. Most likely, there is a long-awaited differentiation of the market, that is less liquid apartments and houses of Almaty become cheaper, and the qualitative real estate in prestigious areas rises in price. As a result there was a paradoxical situation: on the one hand, buyers have a choice, and with another – sellers of housing who know the price of the real estate, don't wish it to reduce and sooner or later find buyers.

One more important moment: in Almaty noticeable revival in the market of mortgage lending. If several years ago about the credit for housing there couldn't be also a speech without 50% advance payment, today banks literally battle for clients.

One of the main explanations of expensive primary housing in Almaty as experts consider, – the need of local population for spacious apartments caused by the big size of an average Kazakh family.
Among the main minuses of the market of real estate of Almaty it is insufficient construction of housing of economy class. Here elite houses are mainly built.

Hi..I'm feel greatful stay here..its nice view..I have been here only 3 month n probably stay for 4 years because follow my husband working here. Can I know where the nice places can I bring my child . n where the shop car bcoz we a looking to buy car .tq

I am a finance profesor .. being offered a place at a business school at Almaty . Want to know about the city . Should I accept keeping in view the potential effect it may have on my career

You need to weigh the pros and cons of the job...then decide.  Only you can do that.  Sorry if that doesn't seem too helpful.

Central area of the city, where expats mostly are accommodated

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