Studying in Indonesia

I am a student at the University of Algiers in raising agriculture jurisdiction forests, where studying in the fifth year last year, I want to complete Almstar in my specialty at your university

Hi, perhaps you could a little clearer in what you're looking for in Indonesia.

I want to study at the University of Indonesia Mr knowing I am from Algeria and was studying at the University of Algiers in the agricultural branch of specialization forests

This gives a potential place, but language might very well be an issue.

I mention this one because the area is very nice and I understand the place has a very good reputation.

I agree Fred...that would be the best choice, and of course I also agree with your advice to Sarsoufi that full comprehension of Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian language) would be required to study there.

Probably they cut his internet connection for good.....always wonder why people who really get good advise here vanished all of the sudden

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