looking for arabic teacher

I am looking for a teacher who can teach me the modern arabic language. Meaning, the MSA.

I want to learn the spoken language. I do go to Oman twice a year.
I want to learn it by internet and if possible at destination.

Thanks in advance

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I will suggest you to post a customized advert on the Classifieds Page, but you will have to choose a country under which you wish to have your advert published.

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i m looking for a good teacher of Arabic language too )

There are bigger language schools which offer more than Dutch or French or English. CLL is one of them, perhaps LSI is worth trying too, both in Brussels. I'm sure they could put you in contact with an Arabic teacher for individual lessons.

Another option is the contact the embassies of Oman, Saudi etc, they will without doubt know some Arabic teachers!

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well,   am free for few weeks,  can teach u if u want,  its easy.....

[at] Amjadthabet > This is a very old post (2010)  :whistle:

Hahahaha.  Well. Was little busy on 2010.  Am free now.  Looooool. 😂😂😬

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