French language lessons for teens

Does anyone have any information on good French language schools for teenagers?  I have a 17 year old and a 14 year old and I am trying to find some french lessons for them over the summer holidays to improve their French before they go to school in September.  One is a beginner and the other is advanced.  I can't find anything in Waterloo and I don't see anything in Brussels for teenagers - it mainly seems to be aimed at business adults.  If anyone knows of any summer french courses for teens I'd love to hear.  I've looked at Berlitz, Call International, Alliance Francais.  We're in Waterloo but are happy to drive a bit if there is anything around.
thank you!

Check for Alpha group. They are usually free or low cost. Not sure if they have a location in Waterloo. They helped me alot when I first started and have multiple fluency levels. If you send me your email or try to find me on FB I can try to send you the link.

Thank you!  I'll check them out - at least it's a start....

I know there is a language school in Spa,

Normal that you don't find in Waterloo, because it's the Flanders Region... ;)

STEFFIFI are serious? Do you have any idea where Waterloo is? Why are you suggesting a language school almost 2 hours away?
Waterloo is certainly NOT in Flanders!!!!
Even if Waterloo were in Flanders, it is irrelevant, people in Flanders also learn French.

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Hello Samantha,

Waterloo is not in my area, I'm not able to advise you one school among others. However, there are two things you can do:

- Contact the local authority because each Walloon municipality may provide for French foreign language courses. … chools-302

- Contact the schools mentioned on the website of the "maison de la francité."

Thank you.  I appreciate your help.  I will look into those suggestions.

Waterloo in Flanders :-)
Language classes 2 hours away?

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