Singapore doesn't like you saying naughty things about them

An Australian man has been sacked after complaining that the game Pokemon Go is not available in Singapore.
Sonny Truyen's profanity-laden rant on Facebook suggested Singapore was an undesirable place to live due to the unavailability of the smartphone game.
Mr Truyen wrote that Singapore was filled with "stupid people" and said the national IQ would fall if he left.
He was sacked after Singaporean web users alerted his employer, real estate website, to the posts.
Darius Cheng, chief executive of, apologised for Mr Truyen's comments in a blog post.

This forum has a strict policy on posts of that nature, but things like Facebook are available as an easy way to get sacked and deported.

Take care in what you say, or you could be next.

PS - I agree with the Singapore authorities in this matter.

What I don't understand is why many people making the same mistakes on social media over and over again. Why you have to insult other people, or trying to be funny behind someone's back?




Arrogance, stupidity and dumb.

Maybe some else can add more  :D

Human nature ...... at different scale.

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