How to handle stress in life?


I'm just curious to know how different individuals to handle stress and fix it?
How to stay balanced and get out of stress in life people?

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As for your question, there are foods that can help fight stress as well exercise everyday can help reduce stress a lot!

The law of attraction will help too, think and see positive always :top:


Law of atraction is quite interesting. Thanks Kenjee.

Well you can remov my thread if its wrong place.

jenny46 :

Law of atraction is quite interesting. Thanks Kenjee.

Well you can remov my thread if its wrong place.

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Exercise is often a good release, and it's good for you too :)

Awesome thanks Kanjee ;)

Do you think music works?

jenny46 :

Do you think music works?

Different things work for different people, some exercise, listen to music, or both at the same time :P Some drink/smoke/take drugs, some smash things, some eat.  Many factors go into it, and there are countless possibilities.

I have found that trying to do things without praying first lands me in difficult situations, the question I always ask myself, Is this something God would be happy with? .

Stress-reduction strategies I have used with success in recent years....

1.  Transcendental Meditation twice a day for 25 minutes per session.

2.  Before bed, recalling 8 to 10 successes of the day.

3.  Aromatherapy -- several minutes at least once per day.

  -- cccmedia in Quito, Ecuador, but you can do these in any city or town or even off the grid :)

Best for me is long walks in the morning (5-6 miles).  Lots of time to think and reflect during these walks.  I know if I miss a couple of days of walking my stress level certainly is higher.

Bob K

Read an interesting article on NYMag entitled 12 People on Running As Therapy.

Check it out!

music is my life, soul food and redeemer in good and bad times

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