Looking for friends who are a couple to share fun and interest.

My name is Barbara. I have a home/ apartment on the Wolfgang See, only 40km from Salzburg. My partner is Jim and we really enjoy Austria especially our little resort town in the summer. We do not come here often after our little town closes up for the tourist leave mid. Oct. The winter months we live in AZ.

I am a writer/published novelist and Jim is a retired lawyer. We both are learning to speak German/Austrian but find we get along in this area without perfect Austrian. To have my car repaired or phone problem can be an obstacle.

Our interests are: in travel, the arts, good restaurants, music, opera or operettas. I have lived in Hong Kong, Ukraine, Italy, Indonesia and of course US, all over since I am American. Traveled to many more countries and we both enjoy an adventure.

We hope to become residence soon. Have a small dog that goes with us everywhere. Willing to help others adapt and if in the vicinity able to show them around. If you have interest please contact us on this site.
Barbara & Jim

Hi Barbara, my name is Eric and my wife's Sandra. We live in the uk and were in the process of buying a project house in Hermagor southern Austria but it fell through so we're waiting for the next one to come along. We're wanting to live there permanent although waiting to see how things settle after our 'brexit' thing over here. Not sure what loops we will need to jump through as yet. Just wondering what challenges you have to live there as your from out of the eu? I'm a 'hands on' guy and a good craftsman working on classic car restoration and property refurbs so work for me never ends and my wife is just taking redundancy as a teaching assistant and ready for............... ??? what ever the next adventure!
It would be nice to chat  over anything austrian (a bit of quatchen). Pm me some time. Cheers E

Hi Barbara, my wife and I are considering moving to Austria (likely Vienna), we've lived in the States for our entire marriage (13 years).

My biggest concern is earning income: I have my MBA but don't know a drop of German (yet).  My wife is fluent and is a citizen, works for a big bank's corporate office here in Boston, and has her CPA license.

I realize it's a tough question, but what do you see or hear for job prospects for expats?  I have heard that teaching English is much harder now than just a few yrs ago due to a big shift in government policy.  It's been hard to get a handle on the likelihood of either of us finding a similar job - I don't want to "just move to Vienna & find out" - that's too big a risk with 2 kids.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Eric, I have a little experience trying to become a residence of Austria.  After many tries and not needing to work in Austria we were told we needed to keep 250K in the bank at all times.
I know nothing about the job possibilities as we are retired. Sorry no help,

Just now learning how to work this site, sorry for the delay.
You are asking a question that I can't answer.  Your wife is more likely to find a job knowing both languages. Not knowing German (Austrian dialect is different and many words are not the same) you have a hugh obstacle.
Sorry but I have no encouragement for your situation.

Hi guys, if your looking for work in Austria? This is the official goverment website for jobs  www.ams.at
If you don't understand do what I do and press google translate.

Hi Barbara,

I am interested in moving to Austria, in particularly the Salzkammergut area. Bad Ischl in particular looks to have everything I'm looking for.

I'm curious, how much time have you spent in Salzkammergut outside of summer? I would be moving there permanently, but have only been to Austria in the summer thus far. For instance, you mentioned your resort town "closes down" after the tourism season... You're just talking about the touristy stuff closing down, correct?

Also, I assume you own your home in Austria, correct?

Thank you so much!!

Mike Jones

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