Wanting to teach in VN when should I start looking?

If I want to teach English in Vietnam when should I start looking for jobs, housing, applying for visas and work permits ect.

The information you seek can be found by reading through the posts on the forum. This has been covered extensively already.

Thank you

You can become a teach english at vietnam if you can teach at center english. Vietnam's need learn english pretty high. so you get what you want
Good luck

Hello Nicolealex21 :cheers:

I invite you to read articles from our Living in Vietnam guide. You will surely find a lot of information how to prepare yourself to work in Vietnam.

Browsing the forum as suggested by Stumpy will prove helpful, as there are many threads talking about same.


You have a any plan in vietnam? You Should be check first contact person who have a plenty of experience about that. Then make a decision.

In VN you don't need permit to work if you want to teach English. You can search location to recruit  on facebook  or google


Please do not give false information to members. As an expat you do need a work permit and relevant correct paperwork to work in Vietnam.

If you want to work in Vietnam, Pls send your CV to me. Our company will support you all papers work before come to Vietnam.

Hello everyone,

@ Levanlen, please stick to the Jobs in Saigon section of the website if you have an offer. Interested members will get in touch if they suit the requirements you noted down.

All the best,

Please feel free to contact me **, I'm recruiting foreign teachers teaching in HCMC

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Im looking for a teacher .

Do you available about 2 - 4 p.m on the weekend ?

Hello Nicole!

I am actually looking for entry-level sales people to join my team.  It could be a great opportunity if you're interested.  Otherwise, the job market is pretty slim unless you have your TEFL or TOEFL certificate and want to teach.

Let me know if you're interested!


Ps. I posted the JD on expat.com (below)

https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/asia/viet … utive.html

Hi Nicole, I'm a Vietnamese-New Zealander and I was in the same situation as you 9 months ago. I'm now settled down with an English teaching job. If you need some help setting up, message me.

where are you from
what language can you teach ?

If you are asking the OP, Ms Nicolealex21, you can simply click on her avatar circle and see that she lives in the US and presumably is a native English speaker.  Easy, no?

Good advice by all for all
Really enjoying this forum

Whoa, these are heavy questions!

A WP costs what, 20 million? Surely, employers will want to see candicates lasting through the probationary periuod.

I found lots of liars who claim to want foreign teachers, only to get a "free ride". Or they promise outlandish things, then not keep the promises. Be careful. Go sign a contract.

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