Dhaka: 20 people killed in an attack

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A violent attack took place in a restaurant on Friday, July 1st in Dhaka. People who were on the spot were taken as hostages for more than 10 hours. The heavily armed attackers killed 20 people, most of whom are foreign nationals.

Victims include 9 Italians, 7 Japanese and an American national. According to the local police, six of the attackers were killed during the encounter. However, it is suspected that a few more might have fled. One of them, who is still alive, has been interrogated by the police on Sunday, July 3rd.

International media have reported that the attack was claimed by the Islamic State a few hours after the carnage. However, local authorities have rejected this idea given that most of the attackers were Bangladeshis.

Note that local authorities have launched a series of operations against jihad groups since a few weeks. Security forces have also been deployed in Dhaka during the weekend. The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, also announced two days of national mourning.

Foreign nationals who are on the spot or planning to travel to Bangladesh are advised to be very careful when traveling and to avoid going out alone. It is also recommended to avoid traveling to places without safety.

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