Business opportunity for people in Singapore

i am manufacturing good quality coconut oil. i am interested to sell it to supermarkets in singapore.
if anyone interested to do this business please contact.
individuals are welcome.

Hi Varnan, coconut oil doesn't have buyers in Singapore except few handful people may be from Indian community (particularly from Kerala).

So, not sure if you will get any buyer base in Singapore. I would suggest you to check in Golf countries where large number of Keralites settled down who normally use coconut oil to prepare their food.

I'll come to singapore after one week and of course i need a job so if you send me a contract i will accept your offer

This oil coconit is a good project in my country because we use this oil too much in cakes cookies awnd food


i wld be interested in discussing tthis further

pls email me on xxx and we can touch base and take it further


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