Adapting to the climate in Singapore

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Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Singapore is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of Singapore?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Singapore?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

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Singapore climate doesn't change much through out the year, temp always in and around 30 degrees Celsius. It has summer and rainy seasons. January to April normally consider as hottest period where temperature reaches more than 35 degrees Celsius, due to less humidity it is very hot through out day and night.

People from Europe or Far East Asia or North America will find difficulty at intial days.

I usually say Singapore has two seasons:
One is hot and very wet,
the other is very hot and wet.
You get used to it after a while - especially if you avoid aircon environments (which anyway make you sick).

Hi Priscilla,

Yup I totally agree with Beppi's and Surya2k's comments.

The heat is actually alright, but it's the humidity that is uncomfortable because you will probably sweat when walking outside, both in direct sunlight and in the shade. Wearing cotton shirts or T-shirts helps a bit. If you tend to wear rayon or viscose then you'll feel even more hot and sweaty so stick to cotton it you can.

Many people do not realise this but staying slim also means that you will not feel so hot. Not only that, but it is worth to maintain a good weight to avoid heat stroke as well as the usual cardiovascular problems that people face as they age. On top of that, always drink plenty of fluids, especially water to replenish the fluids lost through sweating.

If you like to eat out at hawker centers or visit Singapore Zoo or stroll along Orchard Road then you will feel hot, but then you will get used to it and luckily, there are often air-conditioned buildings, malls, shops or restaurants nearby, but feeling sweaty in the heat probably will always be there when outdoors.


Hello Priscelia,
Actually Singapore weather doesn't change so much may be it also changed for some day and after again become so hot. Here now also same hot and maximum time it will have hot every year . Also then here life so busy and there life style are same as like all time  but this time everybody have to drink more water and try to be stay in any shadow.
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