Mauritian in USA/ California

WAts up Moricien!

Hi baaz34, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I have moved your topic on the California forum for effective networking. :)

You will find Mauritian contacts on the Mauritians expat in USA network.

I wish you good luck .
All the best,

Salut, ki manière?  Morisienne à Orange County, Californie.

English please in this Anglophone forum.;)


qi maniere bane moricien

we need to build our mauritian community in CALIFORNIA :)

Ki position banne mauricien mo dan ny mo pe envie booze all dan ene lotte letat

English ONLY please. If you wish to communicate in French please use the French/USA forum. Thank you.

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fresh off the Boat! lol
Mauritian living in San Fran :)

Hello Cybercool. I also live in the NYC. Where do you live? I was born in France and my parents are from Mauritius. Thank you, Pascale

Hey Realdodo,

I live in NYC. Born in France and Parents from Mauritius.

Pascale05 :

Hey Realdodo,

I live in NYC. Born in France and Parents from Mauritius.

How about communication with an expat in Boston?

Moi suis a NY, et toi?

and in NYC-:))

I'm British by birth, my parents come from Mauritius. I just arrived in Oakland California and got married and living am amazing life here 🙏 any Mauritians living in East Bay or SF get in touch! My husband and I need friends,

Hi any Mauritian in California for a meet and greet. Thanks in advance

Hello Mauritius!

Hi everyone,

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Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hi how are you?

Can you please tell me about Orange County Please? Have you been to the beaches?

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