Mauritian in USA/ California

WAts up Moricien!

Hi baaz34, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I have moved your topic on the California forum for effective networking. :)

You will find Mauritian contacts on the Mauritians expat in USA network.

I wish you good luck .
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Salut, ki manière?  Morisienne à Orange County, Californie.

English please in this Anglophone forum.;)


qi maniere bane moricien

we need to build our mauritian community in CALIFORNIA :)

Ki position banne mauricien mo dan ny mo pe envie booze all dan ene lotte letat

English ONLY please. If you wish to communicate in French please use the French/USA forum. Thank you.

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fresh off the Boat! lol
Mauritian living in San Fran :)

Hello Cybercool. I also live in the NYC. Where do you live? I was born in France and my parents are from Mauritius. Thank you, Pascale

Hey Realdodo,

I live in NYC. Born in France and Parents from Mauritius.

Pascale05 :

Hey Realdodo,

I live in NYC. Born in France and Parents from Mauritius.

How about communication with an expat in Boston?

Moi suis a NY, et toi?

and in NYC-:))

I'm British by birth, my parents come from Mauritius. I just arrived in Oakland California and got married and living am amazing life here 🙏 any Mauritians living in East Bay or SF get in touch! My husband and I need friends,

Hi any Mauritian in California for a meet and greet. Thanks in advance

Hello Mauritius!

Hi everyone,

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Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hi how are you?

Can you please tell me about Orange County Please? Have you been to the beaches?

Hi, condolences for the loss of your father. I'm quite familiar with the Registrar in Mauritius where all properties details can be found. Have you got any relative in Mauritius who could be in contact with me and I'd freely give the guidelines how to do a search and find out what's in your dad's name.. Copies of Contracts and Site Plans can also be obtained there against a fee to Government of Mauritius.

I am from Mauritius, planning to move to USA.
First would be to get a job. Can anyone help please.
Thanx ... Ushna

Try Frisco,  Texas.  Lots of opportunities.  Nice affordable housing. Great infrastructure. mountains.  Lots of lakes tho

Beautiful city!

Please note that is not French per se but Creole - very similar to Haitian Creole !

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