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Has anyone moved from Singapire. Looks like we will have to move on January 5 2017. How was the rent deposit processed? Any good moving company? Any advise?


I moved out of Singapore several times.
How the rental deposit is handled can be agreed between you and your landlord - either in cash or cheque after handover, or by transfer to your bank account (which you don't need to close when you leave - and can still use via Internet banking). You do not need a company for this!

Pertaining to your query on rent deposit, it is perfectly based on the agreement. If your agreement has stated that you will get deposit only after maturing the contract then leaving in between, will be forfeited the deposit amount. But, looking at your query, it looks like you have planned move. So, look at your present contract, what has written on " Diplomatic clause" (it is associated with an expat who may leave Singapore during the tenure if employer terminate his EP/SP - in this case, if you have already stayed an year at your present rented place then owner will return your deposit amount even though you didn't complete the agreed tenure of 18 months or so).

Secondly, for movers and packers you may liaise with various international packers like DTDC, DHL and few courier service companies who will arrange your luggages move to your new destination.

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HI Guys, I moved out from Singapore to Australia / Sydney in Oct 2016. I used a moving company called Apac Relocation. Their service was quite good, professional packers, and desitnation side they unpack everything. So it was much easier for us

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A lot of removal companies exaggerate the volume or overcharge because most customers do not have a clue about how it is calculated. They just look at the total and decide if it looks reasonable or not.

However, I don't really agree with coming on here and naming and slamming a company.

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