Antananarivo: 2 dead and 84 injured in blast

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Two people were killed and 84 injured on Sunday, June 26, in a grenade blast in Antananarivo. There was mass gathering at the municipal stadium of Mahamasina on the occasion of the 57th independence anniversary of Madagascar.

International media report that the two victims, two teenagers aged 16 and 18 respectively, were in the blast zone. The injured received care at the University Hospital of Antananarivo.

According to Malagasy authorities, the attack has not yet been claimed. However, an inquiry has been started by the local police. Note that the last attack goes back to January 2014.

The Malagasy government has promised severe sanctions against the perpetrators of violent acts for political reasons.

Finally, three people were killed. The last, one baby who have 14 months.
Too sad...

I've been chatting to local Muslims here, all agreeing these idiots are 'kafir', meaning not Muslims.
They're seen as 'kafir' because they deliberately kill Muslims and, without using the word on a family forum, seen as people who's mummies and daddies weren't married because they kill anyone.

I will express my feelings from a Muslim point of view.
It is the job of every Muslim to promote Islam to the world, hoping  to bring people to Islam through love and kindness.
These idiots drag the name of Islam through the dirt, so the only good news in these attacks is their deaths.

/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ and all other groups who engage in this stupidity should immediately stop their moronic activities, then spend their time trying to help people in need, regardless of who those people are.
Earthquakes, famine and a pile of other natural disasters need helpers, not a bunch of fools who want to cause more death and misery.

Stuff the lot of them to hell, along those who armed, financed and trained them, and the people who buy their oil, so giving them a lot of extra cash for weapons, meaning they can continue their carnage and other disgusting practices.

As is usual, politicians and the generally greedy see a quick profit in this and geopolitics mean they get away with it.
Plenty of pictures of /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ oil being sold to a given place, but political support comes from outside, so it's ignored. You'll note /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\' main income was left alone until another country forced the issue.

Whilst there's no taking away the guilt held by these extremist fools, there's a lot of other guilt around as well, and we have to look at it all if there is going to be any hope of getting rid of such nasty people.

No politics should get in the way of getting rid of extremism, all extremism.

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