Permanent residency procedure

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i have been in belgium since Feb 2012 and i have been on a work permit ever since.
So far have I have applied for 4 WPs (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) so in 2017 I will be eligible for a PR ?
is there a procedure for it or it will be granted automatically ?

You will automatically get it. You cannot apply for it. Brussels normally gives it on your 6th WP application.

I see. This is very helpful. during the 6th WP application should I demonstrate proficiency in Dutch or French , in order to qualify for long term residency ?


In my knowledge, PR is not granted automatically (it used to be so, but since 2013, you have to apply for it).

From official documentation: … gique.aspx

Où introduire ma demande d’acquisition du statut de résident de longue durée?
(Where to apply for your long term resident status ?)

Vous introduisez votre demande auprès de l’administration communale du lieu où vous résidez (Annexe 16)
(You present your application in the commune/townhall of your residence).

In practical scenario, while you apply for 6th work permit, the commune/townhall agent asks you if you
want to apply for the long term (5 year) card aka PR.

In my knowledge, proficiency in local language is not a criteria/pre-requisite for PR application.

I am about to apply and my agency (my employer has contract with an agency which helps in such paperwork for its employees) gave me the below tip.

"Please note that you can apply for unlimited residency at the moment you reach 5 years of legal stay,. The 5 years is calculated form the moment you received your first residence card.  To make sure there is no complications, we will apply when 5 years are completed from the date of issue of your first RP."

There are also versions that 5 years is calculated from the date of your first entry to Belgium on the D visa/work-permit.

I already applied for my 6th WP and regarding the PR application, for safer side, I (or the agency who works for me) am going to lodge the application for PR on completion of 5 years from the issue date of my first RP.

For final and official answer, consider paying a visit to your local commune. They can and are officially authorized to verify this info.

Hi Aneesh, Thanks for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated.

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