About to start a Business in Food sector - Questions

Hey hey!  From Canada here.  First post.

I come to Cambodia quite often because my wife's parents spends 4 months of the year there. 

I am about to secure a location for my food business concept at the Aeon mall or the new mall Parkson that's opening up later this year.  I was proposed those 2 spots.  But if there are agents in here who have up and coming popular locations such as those malls, I am open to hear.

A couple of questions if anyone is knowledgeable in this area.

-  Looking for a few specialist.  Here are the main ones.  A kiosk/Storefront designer.  A contractor/project manager.   A company/person who can builds service counters. Such as a food court counter for example. 

-  What's your opinion on the new mall Parkson?  Think it will be as popular as Aeon mall?  I have been to Parkson malls in Malaysia.  And have always found that they do a good job. 

Feel free to private message me if you prefer. 

Thank in advance for any advice you guys can give!


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