New Denmark Expat Guide

Hi everyone!

Are you looking forward to move to Denmark? Or have you already settled there?

We are pleased to inform you that the Denmark Expat Guide is now online.

Find all that you need to know on travel formalities, visas, work, accommodation, study, health care, taxes, etc.

We are also providing you with tips on how to open a bank account, transports, leisure, telecommunications, among others.

Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information to help you succeed in your expatriation project.

To read these articles, please click on the following titles:

Discover Denmark

Traveling to Denmark

Visas for Denmark

Work in Denmark
Work in Copenhagen
Work in Odense
Work in Aarhus
Work in Aalborg
Work in Esbjerg
Internship in Denmark
Setting up a business in Denmark

Accommodation in Denmark
Accommodation in Copenhagen
Accommodation in Odense
Accommodation in Aarhus
Accommodation in Aalborg
Accommodation in Esbjerg

Study in Denmark

Health care
Health care in Denmark

Opening a bank account in Denmark

Tax in Denmark

Transports in Denmark
Transports in Copenhagen

Driver's licence
Driving in Denmark

Moving to Denmark

Phones and Internet in Denmark

Leisure in Denmark
Leisure in Copenhagen

Traveling to Denmark with your pet
Lifestyle in Denmark

Feel free to post your comments or to write an article in the guide to share information with soon-to-be expats and those who already live in Denmark.

If you wish to share your expat experience in Denmark, contact us to participate in the Interviews section.

Enjoy the reading! ;)

I welcome the comprehensive overview of relevants homepages as an excellent initiative as it will make information about Denmark more accessible for those who consider a future in this country.

It is a very ambitious project.

However, I thinks the links will do as the articles may not be updated and therefore do more harm than good. For good reasons, the articles have to be brief, actually so brief  that they may give a false impression of the conditions.

E.g. I stumbled upon the wording in the paragraph Generalities:
In fact, in case of redundancy, employees are entitled to considerable unemployment allowances. What! You have to pay an insurance to be entitled  to such an allowance, and it is also combined with a waiting period and you are only entitled to receive for a limited periode. … penge.aspx (only in Danish)

Another paragraph, I stumbled upon was about work.
Finding a job in Denmark is not a difficult task. You may start by checking out ads in local newspapers as well as on signposts in hypermarkets and shops if you are already on the spot. Why not send spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the country as well? These are quite appreciated.
I absolute not share this view, and I think it is an example of how you can make more harm than good.

Neither, I find it appropriate with old postings in connection to the article as things may have changed a lot since the posting was written, e.g. postings about the Green Card scheme.

I stopped my reading here ...........................

Hi Nellie,

Thanks for your reply and comments.

First of all, we would like to remind you and members of the Denmark Forum that the objective of this guide is to provide information and tips to expats who are already on the spot as well as foreign nationals who are planning to move there.

We are trying our best to be as accurate as possible so as to better help them in the different steps relating to their expatriation project.

If you have found any loopholes, please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss and make necessary corrections. We would be really grateful for your help.

Veedushi Team

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