Luanda: 2nd most expensive city in the world for expats

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The cost of living is a key factor to consider when moving abroad. Here is what you need to know about the cost of living in Luanda.

According to the annual cost of living survey report published this Wednesday, June 22 by Mercer International firm, Luanda is the second most expensive city in the world for expatriates. As Hong Kong first, Luanda is followed by Zurich, Singapore and Tokyo.

The survey takes into account the price comparison of over 200 products and services, namely, housing, transportation, clothing, food, household goods and entertainment in 375 cities worldwide. Luanda drops down one place in the ranking due to the weakening of its currency compared the US dollar.

Other African cities such as Kinshasa, Lagos and N'Djamena also rank 6th, 9th and 13th respectively.

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Yes unfortunatelly It will take a while for Luanda  and Angola to find its way out.

Luanda become very espencive in late 80's after the "OIL boom". Oil companeis where awarded big contrats that created exponencial demand for staff accomodation and suport services. Eventually Oil output increased mere 100,000 barrels/day to 1,700.000barrels/day  but this created artificial inflation driven by excess of capital/lack of basic iinfraestruture.
Other factores such as inflow of foreign currency, food supply, water supply, health services etc drove demand to the top and kept supply low.

In the late 70's Angola lost 2/3 of its  prodution capacity and millions of hectares of arable land (land mines).
46 years of civil  war left the country in ruins and OIL dependent.

Luanda today is vibrant and getting better, If I compare  to 80-90's. 

Stil cost of living in general is high,

For me Nigéria, Mozambique, Congo and South Africa are rápidly becoming more expencive than Angola and less productive.

Nigéria/Mozambique/Congo are too much resource dependent and import 60-80% direct consumer goods. Like Angola they lack
infra-struture and basic services.

South África rápidly  migrated from sustainable /diversified Agricultural ( non GMO) economy  70- 90's into mono-agriculture (GMO) from
90-today's day . Millions of hectares of arable land have been requalified into storage depos, industrial zones, security states and offices. FMG Export capacity has decreased over 10 year period since goods are imported from Ásia.
In less than 15 years 46km of agricultural land that used to link  Pretoria --Johanesburg have been requalificed.