How much will it cost to build a house?

Where did you get the rules?

Those are easy to find ...just google them can also look on youtube were the village people explains everything into details

sirrobcentral :

Dimples, on my Facebook page I have been posting the progress videos of my house as it is being built. I started with just a shell and lot... cost P470,000,00. I showed from start to present... Upon completion it will be a 3bdr + a Master's Suite + a separate maid's quarters... it's all captured on video so there are no questions as to the facts. Upon completion my out of pocket for construction cost will not be over P600,000,00. I will inbox you my Facebook contact information so you can view for your self. I have a lot of videos I have made that I share with my friends from the United States because many are Pensioners like me that just want to live stress free.

How did your home building project go? I am beginning to build a home (looking for a design build company) here in Davao. The lot has already been purchased. Please PM me. If you are near Davao, I am happy to buy you a drink or coffee.

Mario1508 :

...trusting my inlaws and even my ex wife costed me a lot of build a house in Osmeña , surigoa del norte, dinagat islands.....every month i send money for almost a year because i am on disability and wanted to retire there coz that was better for my health ...after one year sending money and me and my ex were ready to move over and leave everything here behind ...i was stunned when i arrived ...the house was supposed to be ready to move in but all i saw was 4 walls and a roof 😳😳😳
No floors , no tiles , no windows short terms something that should look like a house after 2 to 4 weeks ...i went sick to my stomach when i saw it ! ...but my ex and her family really showed me what there true intentions were when we met in 2011.... just using me and taking advantage of my good heart ...i hate them but i hate myself even more for trusting those people

I feel very bad for you.

God bless

Frode :

Hello. Plan to build houses in Davao. Do you have any advice?

Greeting Frode.

Oversee EVERYTHING yourself.   Check materials for quality and correct installation. Make sure concrete is mixed properly.  From footers to finish watch everything.

Like a lot of things in the Phils. Its not what you know but who you know. We have just finished a house in Cebu and are going the motions of furnishing it. It was done remotely from outside the country with a few visits from us.
The house construction and workmanship are all above board and to our satisfaction. It was handled by a house building company that is related to the family of my wife.
It can be done but really need to know who your dealing with and whatever it takes get this info you need to do it. There are trust worthy Philos in every walk of life both in the Phils and abroad.

Hi, could you inbox me a link also please. Many thanks

Hello i like ure post om wondering to move and build a house in Davao City , any possibilities to see your building progress in facebook ?

My Facebook I'd is***

Best regards


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You can find me under thewoodenpotter. The house now virtually complete largely cosmetic touches

Dont really have a link as such find me on FB under same name as here on messenger

Foreigner cannot own a land in Philippines, right? How to build a house then?

It is true, I think this is common to everyone, at least I have always been told by property agents

treyzhang :

Foreigner cannot own a land in Philippines, right? How to build a house then?

On land owned by your wife.  To play it safe you can have a lease formalized.  Plenty of info on other threads, when in doubt ask CaliforniaNative.

A foreigner cannot own land unless it is bequeathed to him or her...and then they must sell to a Filipino.

It is quite acceptable to lease a piece of land from the owner for say 20 years and then build your home on it or a rest-house. Baring in mind that if the lease is not renewed, the property will become the property of the land owner ...unless its a caravan when you can can move it somewhere else.

To potential house builders who rely on family to have their homes built from overseas BE CAREFUL. When the house is finished there is no sign of poor quality building work, no sign of undersized rebar in the concrete, no sign of weak concrete mix and depth of concrete slab in the ground.

Some of these problems show themselves after a few years or rough weather.  We know a couple who live in Dubai and had their large house built by a recommend architect who has also built other houses on the Subdivision.  Instead of having a rain gutter round the roof edge like conventional systems they install a stainless steel gutter close to the roof edge but underneath the tile surface. This looks nicer than seeing the gutter but any problems with the gutter leaking will be almost impossible to repair without removing the tiles.

When you buy stainless steel you have 2 choices, the interior which is quite thin and the exterior sheeting that is much stronger and of course longer lasting than the former. To make money out of the owner an architect will substitute the cheaper interior stainless for the  dearer exterior type.  I have had this explained to me by a hardware shop here in San Pablo who warned me to check the thickness of the stainless before I bought it.  I have seen a rain gutter made from the cheap grade blown and twisted from a new house roof. The  newly built house with stainless gutter system inside the roof has been made with the cheap stuff......I know because I touched it and  cut my finger. They will not have any problems for some years but when they do it will be expensive.

Another expat began his build but his builders found problems bending the rebar supplied by the architect where the bends broke the bar. Luckily my friend returned the bar to the Chinese hardware store and found a supply of steel bar made in the Philippines. really does pay YOU to be here during the house build to check on the building quality before the concrete sets!

The sun is so powerful here in the Philippines and only small windows are necessary to light up a room. I find that the style of houses here have tiny windows in kitchens and bathrooms allowing more space to put cabinets or racking. HOWEVER I've been brought up with windows to look through and curtains to draw and have built this into my houses. I enjoy looking through my window when shaving in the morning also looking through the kitchen window when washing the dishes. Planning your new home has to consider the sun and its powerful should also consider it when buying a lot to build your home...facing the you want to drive your car into the sun  every morning and return into the sun again in the evening? The West is of course the hottest direction after midday but wash the laundry in the morning there,  then hang it out in the sunshine later.  The South is also a sunny spot and ideal garden area with shady trees, with the sun moving across your plants/patio creating shadows where you can sit and read...or browse laptop?

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