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Hi guys,

Me and my husband are possibly moving to harrogate England in a year. We will be relocating as part of a government position overseas. Just wanted to know any tips or most difficulties that you guys have come across. I am coming from Maryland in America. I am nervous since I am Puerto Rican and both Spanish speaking ans English speaking. So I am wondering what the Spanish population is like in England? Would also like to make friends and get to know people who are currently living over there

Harrogate is:
a tourist area
has people from many countries living there.
has Spanish restaurants

You shouldn't have that much trouble finding Spanish speakers, especially if you have a quick google or two with the right keywords.
Took me 30 seconds

PS . I've been many times and loved every moment.
The area is amazing.

Malham cove ... and that picture is 1% of reality

Thanks so much for posting the photo! It looks beautiful!!!!! I am so excited! Is the cost of living really expensive?

Harrogate is a rich town, so things can get a little bit pricey, but you can live on the edges and pay a lot less.
Public transport is very good until you get right into the sticks.
The cove is just one of a whole host of spectacular sights in that area, and did I mention the pub food?
The place is very popular with hikers and campers, so pubs (Bars) tend to sell as much food as they do beer.
Much is as amazing as the views.
I strongly recommend buying a pair of hiking boots, a lightweight waterproof, a thin thermal overshirt and a hat because the many walks are outstanding.  5am is the best time as you've seen nothing until a totally white field turns to green in front of your eyes as the rabbits scatter. No messing, I've seen it happen.
The great Yorkshire show is held once a year just outside town, and that's well worth a visit.
I really can't say enough good things about the Harrogate area - it's spectacular.
Did I mention Mother Shipton's cave and stone socks?
Oh, and you're only a hop, skip and a jump away from York, a great city with more history than the whole of North America.
Seriously, a thousand years is last week in York historical terms.
Wait until you see the crypts in the minster and climb the tower - you'll be shocked, everyone is.
There's also a Pizza hut.

Hola ,
Como estas? Hay unos 300000 Espanoles viviendo en Uk , yo la verdad sea dicha los evito como a la peste, porque he pensado siempre que para estar con Espanoles me quedo en mi Pais. En cuanto a Hispano hablantes tambien tienes para dar y tomar , lo mejor de UK es la multiculturalidad (muy diferente a la Americana) lo peor probablemente su dominio de los idiomas. Estoy seguro de que os va a ir fenomeno porque es un sitio precioso. Europa es diferente en muchos sentidos ,llena de historia y peculiaridades.

Good luck

[at] Mikel Lopez > As we are on the anglophone forum, can you please post in english here?

Thank you :)


Harrogate is a beautiful small posh town found in the gorgeous North Yorkshire county. You won't find many Spanish/Latinos over there, but will do in Leeds for sure. When it comes to make friends there are many ways you could; by getting involved in the community, at work, through volunteering, with your neighbours, etc... Also, be prepared for the cloudy/rainy weather of England, but this will be hopefully overlooked by the kindness and friendliness of people in Yorkshire.

Thank you to BrianJh for the above post.
I totally forgot to mention the weather.
When it's nice, it's lovely, but make sure you have snow boots and a selection of very warm coats for the winter, you'll need them.
If you drive, make sure you have a front wheel drive car as they'll move when rear wheel drives are stuck in snow. Snow is worse there than further south, but it's rarely bad enough to be a serious problem.
It will get cold and wet in winter.
Keep an eye on the forecast in winter, and always carry a warm coat and shovel in the car in winter.

Thee's an old song, "on ilkley moor bar t'at" the translation into English being, on ilkley moor without a hat, that tells a story of a man who went on to the moors with a bare head and died of cold.

English is spoken far more than Spanish in that area, but it isn't the first language for most.

This youtube link shows you a little of what to expect

The older, stronger version of Yorkshire is less common now because of a mix of influences including TV, but you'll come across it a lot if you get into the smaller villages and up into the hills, especially with older people.
As the video suggests, the Viking invasions of Britain made a big difference to Anglo Saxon English of the time, seeing a lot of Norse words enter the local language, and many are still in use today.
You'll also find pronouns Shakespeare would have been familiar with still in use, and 'it'  and 'the' often become "T".

Am talking to thee (I'm talking to you)
Is that thine? (Is that yours)
t'in't in tin (it is not in the tin can)
'Mun' is must, as we note in the video, but mun't is must not.
Tha mun't du that (You must not do that)

Some suggest Yorkshire people can be very rude, but that's only because we're being very rude.
Yorkshire doesn't produce many members of the diplomatic corps. You'll get the hang of it.

try this for a parody of Yorkshire people that is pretty close to how we are.

Hi I'm living in Harrogate with my husband and we are blessed with our 1st baby.Harrogate is considered as a posh and and one of the happiest place to live in England,rank no.3 according to my husband.Everything you might need is here.If you are the type of person who loves nature this is a perfect place for you.Since I moved here I can't say any negative word to describe Harrogate,such a lovely place.

Harrogate is very nice in so many ways.
It can get a little pricey, but that's it's one and only drawback.

That's so awesome to hear!  Such a big comfort  I will be moving there in May!  So I still have a littld ways to go.  Are you originally from the US?  Was it difficult meeting new people?

I'm from a town not far away from Harrogate and have visited countless times. People tend to be friendly and helpful, and the place has some amazing sights to rival anywhere in the world.
Most people love the place.


My wife and I have just relocated to Harrogate from the USA. I am actually originally from York so I am somewhat coming home BUT I have lived in the states for 17 years so I currently feel more American than British and my wife and daughter are American.

We would love to meet some people in the area and make some friends!

Hi, I am originally from North Yorkshire UK and I am planning to return home and live in Harrogate.  I have been currently living in Miami for the last 14 years. Due to my husband passing away over a year ago I have decided to return to the U.K.  I am hoping to be there around March. I am just waiting to complete a house sale.I would love meet other expats. Catherine.

I will be returning home around March to the U.K. and plan to live in Harrogate. I have been currently living in Miami for the last 14 years. I think you will love Harrogate, did you know it was voted the happiest place in England. It has a  great transport system, friendly people, Betty’s is a beautiful cafe/restaurant and everyone loves it. There is so much to enjoy there and that is why I have chosen to live there. Catherine.

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