Cheapest money transfer to philippines bank

Hello anyone know more cheapest money transfer than western union going to philippines bank account...

Hello maki
Did you check money gram . It is also cheap but if you like more cheap pks look here.
This is new one and more cheapest one than other

Thanks i will check it...

Hi Maki,

Provided you don't have a Turkish bank account, UPT is a reliable cheaper alternative to WU.

It is run under Turkish Post system and pretty reliable. You can find it in your nearest PTT office.

Good luck

UPT means?

Preferably I would suggest a direct bank transfer which is most economical at a fraction of the cost of any other services.

Ucuz Para Transferi.
Cheap Money Transfer.

Maki25 :

UPT means?


Its better you send it via Bank, preferably on WU or Moneygram.

Hi Maki, if you have a bank account it is much cheaper and fast through swift transfer (bank to bank money transfer). You can do it online hassle free or at home. I am using Is Bankasi as it is my company's bank. By the way, pinoy here ;)

Talaga pinoy ka hmmm sorry late reply...

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