July 2016 in Vienna!

Hello all,

My name is Chris, and I will be in Vienna for the month of July this year. I've visited before and loved the city, so I'm back to stay for longer, and to continue taking German lessons (currently at B1) in the city.

Please be in touch if you'd like to meet up. I like to meet up for drinks, food, strolls, watching soccer, etc. I would especially be interested in speaking German with someone else at my level (or a patient native speaker), or also (if you have access to the right kind of gear!) getting together for more some involved sporting activities like sailing, motorcycling, camping, etc.

If you will be in Vienna this July, do subscribe to the thread and feel free to contribute. We can plan meet-ups, share info about events, or just chat. These forums look like they are used relatively rarely, so I'd rather use one "July" thread for all topics relevant to that month, instead of different threads for each topic (i.e., concerts, soccer, etc.).

Looking forward to meet you all!

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