Anyone looking for help?

I know there is a jobs forum here but there is nothing on it so am posting here.  I am looking for a part time job in the San Juan area.  It can be anything.  I can help out in a business (I have a college degree) or with pets (love animals) or on a farm (love gardening) or in a home with kids (I love kids).  I am a great organizer so can help you organize your home or business.  I can help out at a party or with packing, (if you are moving.). I am not picky.  Looking for something to fill up my time and to make me feel productive.  I am trustworthy and able to multitask.  Looking for a salary of $10 per hour off the books.  Please feel free to email me with ANYTHING, even a 1 time thing. Thanks!  Myla xx)

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If I were you, I'd register with the Temp agencies. Your paycheck won't be off the books, but you KNOW you'll get paid, and many have benefits as well.

Or also contact the english speaking school about subbing - not sure what the requirements are, but I know they are always looking for people.

There is a Call center Job in Hato Rey. they are looking for fluent English.  it's full time but temporary until January 2017.  this is a legitimate job so nothing is off the books!  $10 an hour.   If interested pls send a resume asap.  Actually, it was posted yesterday on this web site under Jobs if I am not mistaken,

also if you have any friends encourage them to apply as well.


Hi. I looked for the job posting but couldn't find it.  Do you have more information, I am very interested in applying.  Thanks!

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