Dear Members,

I'm looking for a gainful occupation, as Writer/Blogger.

I could send my Resume for your consideration, just send me your detailed information.

Many thanks in advance to all of you!

I see you've posted this in many countries, but such adverts shouldn't really be on the open forums.
Perhaps the 'jobs' section at the top of the page.


If you really want to find a job in Singapore, you should contact potential employers in your industry directly. Posting a message on this forum will not help, but you may get some useful advice for your job search here.

Hi Bephi.

Many thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it.
However, I cant to put my ad in Job Section, so thats why I had to put in the Forum.
Sorry, if its created some inconveniences to anyone.
Also wise, could you please, be so kind to advice me how I can get an information of contact details of the Recruiters.
I will be very grateful to you!

Thanks for support!

Sorry, I don't know the creative writing scene in Singapore, so you'd have to do your own research, e.g. by searching the Web, contacting key players in Singapore or visiting professional seminars, trade fairs and other events.
I suspect that as a writer in Singapore native English skills are required, and adequate degrees or other certificates.

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