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Hello all,

I need some advises from the expat comunity in Munchen.

I'm 28y old and currently living in Paris as controller / business analyst.

I'm looking since few weeks for jobs in Germany and some friends advised me Munchen and Berlin.

The fact is I don't speak German, only English. Is it mandatory to work in those cities?

Also, some told me it would worth it to fly directly to the marketplace to find work. Is it easier ?

Many thanks for your tips and advises.



Well, there MAY be some jobs in the financial sector that do not require German language skills, but (as in all other industries) they are hard to find. All roles facing customers or partners, or anything needing communication with others, is automatically ruled out, obviously. You should thus focus on the few that don't require this.
Another aspect is that, without speaking the language, your social life will be quite restricted, even in big cities like Munich or Berlin (or Frankfurt, the financial centre of Germany).
Visiting these cities only makes sense once you're invited to a job interview. It usually takes months between a job opening been advertised and the successful applicant actually starting work.

Hello Beppi,

Thanks a lot for the reply,

I've time to put my job research in place and I'm just starting to look at the opportunities and possibilities available.
I know it could take time but I'm ready for it.

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