Badminton Bangsar 6-8PM

I'm looking for badminton players to play at Bangsar area, 6-8PM.
Level is beginner to intermediate. Anyone interested?
Thanks for reading.  :)

Hi bcyoks,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Sport partners in Kuala Lumpur so that interested members may contact you.

All the best,

Sure. Will do.
Thanks for the suggestion.

is there any badminton coach available in bangsar? what are the charges?

Hi gbala,
Me and my group are just badminton players, not coach. But you may join us. We'll make you run for the shuttle. You'll learn by playing.

If somehow you need a coach for yourself or kid, there are some coaches there. PM me your contact and I'll get the coach to contact you. You deal directly.

Hi what days do you play there?  Thanks

Hi Willie_YC,
We play every Thursday, 6-8pm. Our group are made up of 15 casual players, multiracial, 30+ to 40+. Winning the game isn't important. We're there for sweat and fun after office hours. Interested, PM me. :)

Thanks but i have another game scheduled on Thurs, if it doesn't rain outside. May you consider taking me in if I can't play it then? I assume you are playing in bangsar sports complex? I used to play tennis there on weekends :)

I have a bigger list for a single court because most of us are casual players. Usually, there will be 5 or 6 participants and we'll be playing doubles. At certain days, when many of them feel like playing, we do have a house rule of maximum 8 participants allowed. So, you're welcome to join as long as there is available slot. Whatsapp me when it is Thursday. My number shall be in your PM.

Hi, I'm still looking for casual badminton players. Level beginner to intermediate. For sweat and fun. Interested, give me a shout or a whisper  :)

Hi ..i am intrested ..where is venue in bangsar ??

It's Kompleks Sukan Bangsar.
Here's the map link: -

Hi there,

I am very interested though I have not played badminton for 12 yrs ++

Please PM details

Thank you :)

Skills isn't that important. Winning the game isn't everything. There are workout, sweating, fun and friendship and companionship. So, I ask all players to play nice and respect each other differences.  :cool:

I'll shoot you a PM.

Hey is this offer still valid... i'll stay near bangsar for couple months.. and if have a chance..may I join you guys??

I'll PM you.


Badminton bangsar still ongoing?

Shacc :


Badminton bangsar still ongoing?

Yes, but we have trouble getting enough courts for the players. The booking system is experiencing difficulty and expecting to be solved sometime in March.

I have badminton courts 6-8 pm in Bangsar area. Text me if Interested and schedule fits.

For the updates, we have moved to Pusat Komuniti Lembah Pantai, map:, still 6-8 PM and usually 2 courts on any day between Monday to Friday, subject to booking availability.

Hi, is it still available?

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