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Hello Everyone! I would start my Bachelor's Program at RMIT University in district 7 by June 20, which i currently live at District 10..Am in search for a shared house with foreigner's in district 7. Their countries doesn't matter, as i am open-minded person and easy going..Budget is between $200-$230.. Wouldn't mind if there is a female living there also..


how a bout eratower duc khai at Nguyen Luong Bang str? but it take 15mins go to school via your bike.

Are foreigner's living there or just only me?


Hello Kidikudz :cheers:

Droping an advert in the shared accommodation field of the  Housing in HCMC section of the site may help out :top:



My name is Na. I would like to share the room with you. I live in Sweden. But I have my vacation in Vn for 1 month. If your room is free now, please help me, I want to find an accommodation. Note to me if you can. Thanks so much!



Na, word of advice, you don't know this careful find out what you can or try and find accommodation with another female....

lol...just look at the way he writes. Trying to imitate being a 'foreigner'. Child please!!!

Hello everyone,

As already mentioned above, please refer to the Shared accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City section of the website by adding an advert. Interested members will get in touch via the advert itself.

Thanks in advance,

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